Counter-Terrorism Bureau to highlight threats from jihadis returning to their home countries, warning to travelers particularly in Europe, India and Thailand

Israel said to be worried of IS chemical attack in Europe

Most meetings between Israeli leaders and Russian President Vladimir Putin since he came to power in 1999 have tended to be of an almost clandestine nature

Can Netanyahu drive a wedge between Russia and Iran?

The Iranian-backed terror group Hezbollah currently has advanced missiles capable of hitting Israel's nuclear reactor, according to Hassan Nasrallah, the terror group's leader, who boasted in a recent interview that the terror group is prepared to strike the reactor and cause nuclear havoc across the Middle East

Hezbollah Missiles Aimed at Israel’s Nuclear Reactor

The Israel Defense Forces announced a full closure for Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip for the Purim holiday

For second year running, Israel imposes closure on West Bank and Gaza for Purim

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with Russian President Vladimir Putin Thursday, and warned about the dangers of Moscow's encroaching ally, Iran

Netanyahu meets with Putin, raises red flags on Iran

Ahead of International Agunah Day, attorney Susan Weiss describes her fight against windmills in the dual Israeli religious and secular courts

Maverick women’s rights lawyer looks to change the game, not play it

Russian President Vladimir Putin is hosting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for talks expected to focus on Syria

Putin hosts Netanyahu for talks set to focus on Syria

Mascot helps 41st ranked team of Jewish-American players into final 8 of World Baseball Classic in Tokyo

Israel reaches 2nd round of the WBC with Mensch power

To the editor: It’s hypocritical that the issue of human rights violations by Israel rears its head again in this discussion of the law recently passed by Israel’s Knesset

Once again, Israel's critics are being hypocritical