As president of Yeshiva University, the largest Jewish university outside the State of Israel, and as a human being, I am appalled by both the rise in Anti-Semitic incidences around the country and those who are perpetrating these heinous acts

Richard Joel: Anti-Semitism’s Threats Transcends The Jewish People

WASHINGTON - The Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted on Thursday to approve the nomination of David Friedman as the next U

David Friedman, staunch settlement backer, approved by Senate panel as envoy to Israel

Among the 400 non-synagogue locations hosting holiday services are several fire stations in honor of their efforts in recent wild fire wave

Purim readings aim to bridge Israel’s religious-secular gap

Such cyberattacks in limelight as WikiLeaks shows how US spies use TVs, callphones and computers to get data

Israeli researcher says he can protect against hacked videos

Israel threatened last week to cut ties with the European Union's Special Representative for the Middle East Peace Process, Fernando Gentilini, whose term was extended a few days ago

Israel threatened to boycott EU envoy to peace process – but backtracked

Palestinians will be barred from entering Israel from Friday to Sunday except for special cases, IDF says

Army to seal off West Bank for Purim

Calling out those who distort the facts and exaggerate the scale of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Those Israel-bashing loons

Central Bureau of Statistics finds GDP growth of 4% — Globes

Israel’s economy gets big boost in 2016

It’s getting really tiring, this whole American story of the president versus the media

Unlike in Israel, politics in America don't dictate my every move

The State Department confirmed on Wednesday that the Obama administration's last-minute transaction of $221 million to the Palestinian Authority in January, which the Trump administration had claimed was "under review," had in fact already been released to the Palestinians

U.S. State Department confirms Obama's last-minute aid to the Palestinians