By Noah Barkin

Merkel meets Trump in clash of style and substance

NEW YORK — The Muslim-Jewish relationship in America appears to be flowering as it never has before, with ties burgeoning at the grass roots and among leaders

Muslim-Jewish ties in U.S. flourish, but skeptics make their mark

Teva, the Israeli based generics drug maker, ‘continues to face a number of challenges,’ report says

S&P keeps Teva’s BBB rating, cuts management score

AMMAN, Jordan –  A Jordanian soldier who killed seven Israeli schoolgirls in a 1997 shooting rampage was released Sunday, after serving 20 years in prison

Jordan releases soldier who killed 7 Israeli girls in 1997

JERUSALEM — It was a scene most Israelis will never forget: The great Jordanian monarch, King Hussein, who just over two years earlier had signed a historic peace deal between his country and Israel, arrived in a peripheral Israeli town to comfort the parents of seven schoolgirls killed by one of his soldiers

20 years after 7 Israeli schoolgirls were killed, some hail Jordanian shooter as a hero upon his release

I am a Johnny-come-lately to the World Baseball Championship (WBC), but I woke up early enough on Sunday morning to witness Team Israel’s sensational 4-1 win over Cuba

After baseball’s Team Israel, let’s recruit Scarlett Johansson, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Bernie Sanders

Turkish president says Dutch will ‘pay price’ for expelling minister; 8-year-old moderately hurt by scorpion sting in southern Israel

Erdogan renews ‘Nazism and fascism’ charge against Netherlands

After a year that saw the news turned topsy-turvy, things like the US trying to broker Israeli-Palestinian peace and health systems not being terrible make it seem like the world is somewhat right again, on the one day when everything should be upside down

A not topsy-turvy day

Nazareth - The choice of US ambassador to Israel has never before incurred such scrutiny or provoked such controversy

US ambassador to Israel: 'Great advantage to Netanyahu'