Mandelblit warns against ‘real erosion’ of Israel’s founding legal principles

AG decries efforts to ‘delegitimize’ country’s legal system, rejects ‘claims of persecution’ in investigations involving NetanyahuSource Link: Read more »

New stats show Israeli life, death and taxes, on a local level

Report on municipalities across the country reveals most deadly places to live, who pays the most, and who uses the most waterSource Link: Read more »

Resisting pushback, Edelstein renews call to cancel elections

Knesset speaker warns Israelis could go to polls for third time if plan not passed; takes aim at Ehud Barak, who hits back at ‘sycophantic scheme’Source Link: Read more »

Israel frees PA minister for Jerusalem affairs hours after arrest

Fadi al-Hadami’s lawyer says detention was due to recent activities, including accompanying Chile’s president on a visit to the Temple MountSource Link: Read more »

US officials attend Israeli settler-linked event in east Jerusalem

article author:  AFP Author:  AFP ID:  1561907346682214400 Sun, 2019-06-30 15:04 JERUSALEM: US officials attended an archaeological event organized by an Israeli settler-linked group in east Jerusalem on Sunday, their latest move breaking with... Read more »

First Labor candidate defects to Ehud Barak’s new rival party

Renouncing place on beleaguered slate, Yair Fink says Israel ‘in need of real leadership’ that can mount a credible challenge to NetanyahuSource Link: Read more »

Liberman: ‘No essential difference’ between Netanyahu, Gantz; either can be PM

Yisrael Beytenu head reiterates call for national unity government to be formed after September elections, says ‘country is deep in the mud’Source Link: Read more »

Watch: Israeli 747 passenger jet demolished

Source Link: Read more »

Israel frees Palestinian Authority’s Jerusalem affairs chief

Source Link: Read more »

Hezbollah’s secret, grandiose plan to invade Israel in the post-tunnel era

The group is still threatening to conquer the Galilee even after the IDF destroyed its biggest asset. It does so for deterrence, and it has a plan involving thousands of commandosSource Link:... Read more »