After night of mass protests, Herzog calls to ‘stop legislative process immediately’

Herzog calls to stop overhaul legislation: ‘A time for leadership and responsibility’

After a night of spontaneous mass protests nationwide, President Isaac Herzog says in a statement that the government must “stop the legislative process immediately.”

“The entire nation is deeply concerned. Security, the economy, society – all are threatened,” Herzog says.

“The eyes of all the people of Israel are on you. The eyes of the entire Jewish people are on you. The eyes of the whole world are on you,” he says.

Demonstrators streamed into the streets last night after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu fired Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, after the latter said the judicial overhaul was endangering state security.

“For the sake of unity with the people of Israel, for the sake of the responsibility that is owed, I call on you to stop the legislative process immediately,” Herzog says.

“This is not a political moment, this is a moment for leadership and responsibility,” Herzog says.

Earlier this month, Herzog issued a proposal for a broadly agreed-upon judicial overhaul. The plan was cautiously accepted by opposition leaders, but immediately rejected by the coalition.

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