Amid Gaza fighting, Pakistani actress quotes Hitler about killing Jews

Veena Malik, an actress who has starred in over a dozen Pakistani and Bollywood films and shows, tweeted a series of incendiary remarks about the ongoing Israel-Gaza conflict, including a quote she attributed to Adolf Hitler about killing Jews.

“I would have killed all the Jews of the world … but I kept some to show the world why I killed them,” Malik tweeted Tuesday.

She also tweeted “#IronDome is doomed” with a laughing emoji, referencing Israel’s missile defense system, which Palestinian terrorists in Gaza have been trying to overwhelm with massive rocket barrages.

By Wednesday afternoon, all of the tweets were gone from her account. The only remaining one about the conflict was a retweet of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan urging the “international community” to “take immediate action to protect the Palestinian people and their rights.”

Malik, 37, a former comedian and sex symbol, has won honors from Pakistani awards shows for her acting performances over the past two decades.

At least five civilians — four Israeli, one Indian — have been killed by rockets and an Israeli soldier was killed in an anti-tank missile attack along the border.

According to the Strip’s Hamas-run health ministry, 65 Palestinians have died since Monday night, including 16 minors, and 365 have been wounded. The IDF said more than half of those killed were members of terror groups involved in the fighting and that some, including several of the children, were killed by errant rockets fired from Gaza that fell short of the border and landed inside the Strip, not by Israeli strikes.

Hamas initiated the conflict, firing over 1,300 rockets at Israeli cities, in the wake of weeks of Palestinian protests in Jerusalem during Ramadan and violent clashes between police and Muslim worshipers on the Temple Mount that left hundreds injured.

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