Apple Music marks Rosh Hashanah with Israeli artists’ playlists

New year, new playlists.

With the Jewish New Year 5782 fast approaching, Apple Music worked with six Israeli artists, including Omer Adam, Noa Kirel, Berry Sakharof, Ravid Plotnik, Miri Mesika, and Ella Lee to create playlists from their favorite songs of the last 12 months.

A quick listen to each artist’s playlist is something of a mad mix — pop star Noa Kirel listens to herself, along with “Zero Effort,” by Static & Ben El, Netta (Barzilai), Noga Erez, and other younger musicians, while Israel’s number-one artist Omer Adam also picked “Zero Effort,” along with fellow pop star Eden Ben Zaken, rappers Jimbo J & Ravid Plotnick, and Mizrahi crooner Sarit Hadad.

Guitarist Berry Sakharov has a little more of a range in his playlist, with Middle Eastern grooves from  Shai Tsabari’s “Know,” rap elder Shaanan Streett, some electronic tracks from Noga Erez, and classic fellow rocker, Yehudit Ravitz.

“I’m happy that even during this difficult year, music has won and there’s been a continued release of great songs here,” said Sakharof. “These are some of the songs I loved this year.”

The playlists were launched on August 26, and will be available until after Rosh Hashanah.

Along with the curated artist playlists, Apple Music also introduced a new editorial playlist called, Next Generation Next, featuring up-and-coming Israeli artists from all genres, allowing listeners to easily discover new musicians.

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