As we grieved for Shireen Abu Aqleh, Israeli police attacked us. They have no shame | Jalal Abukhater

The killing shook every Palestinian, and at her funeral we were clubbed and kicked. But we will fight for all she stood for

I am writing these words having just returned from the funeral of Shireen Abu Aqleh in Jerusalem. It is hard to describe the exact emotions which every Palestinian is feeling. One thing is certain: this has been the most incredible outpouring of emotion I’ve seen in Palestine.

Shireen was known to every Palestinian household. During the second intifada – a formative experience for many Palestinians – she was the face that delivered us the news. The TV screen became a window to everything going on: the F16 strikes, the Apache helicopter strikes, the tanks on the streets. And Shireen was out there, bringing the news to our homes.

Jalal Abukhater is a writer from Jerusalem

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