Avian flu in Israel: No proof that the infection is harmful to humans

The Ministry of Agriculture and the National Information System in the Prime Minister’s Office report an “encouraging recovery” in the situation of bird flu in Israel, which affected about 20 chicken coop complexes that include more than a million birds and about 15 wild bird areas.
“At the moment there is no indication of harm to humans, and those involved in the work of collecting the carcasses and monitoring the water source to detect the virus are protected and receiving preventive drug treatment,” the statement said. “The activity at the Agamon Hula is expected to end &#111n Monday, and now the effort is focusing &#111n monitoring and disinfection, as preparation for the migration season.
” The culmination of the incident is probably behind us, and the activity was conducted in a joint effort led by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, Environmental Protection, RTG, KKL-JNF, the Water Authority and other parties. An investigation between the bodies will be conducted, according to the directive of the Israel National Security Council, it was reported.

Source Link: https://www.israelnationalnews.com/News/Flash.aspx/563561

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