Barak: Netanyahu is weak and investigated

Former Prime Minister Ehud Barak said, Monday, that the coalition crisis is not just the disagreement between Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Treasurer Moshe Kahlon about the Israel Broadcasting Authority and the new public broadcasting corporation. Interviewed by Israel Defense Forces Radio, the former Labor Party leader said, “It’s the corporation and the [corruption] investigations and understanding we’re going to clash with the Trump administration” and that “the prime minister is a man with understanding, but he’s weak and he was investigated and therefore he has been obsessed with the corporation”. Barak said elections would cost the state billions with no effect and that he was not interested in running.

The former defense minister also said, “The Russian presence in Syria is a stabilizing factor in reducing the risk of deterioration.” He said the fact that Russian President Vladimir Putin “is the friendliest man [to Israel] who has sat in the Kremlin does not mean he will act according to our dictates.”

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