Beit El invites Pollard: You're always welcome here

Jonathan Pollard, who was selected to be an “honorary resident of Beit El a number of years ago, was invited to live in the Binyamin community once he immigrates to Israel.

“We were happy to hear on Saturday that Jonathan Pollard has been freed of all restrictions after so many years of waiting. We intend to contact Jonathan and Esther Pollard as soon as possible and offer them to come and live with us as soon as they’re able to make Aliyah and choose to do so,” said city mayor Shay Alon.

“We have a large community of English speakers who will be happy to assist the Pollards in get acclimated with Israel and all the residents of the community will be happy and excited to be at their disposal in order to provide any help that may be required. This is the least we can do to honor and appreciate a person who sacrificed so many years of his life out of a desire to help the State of Israel and the Jewish people,” he said.

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