Ben-Gvir: Org behind anti-Netanyahu protests trying to shup me up

Otzma Yisrael chairman, MK Itamar Ben Gvir responded to the request of the Kumi Yisrael radical left group from the Attorney General to prevent him and other MKs from marching through the Muslim Quarter of the Old City during the planned Flag March this week.

“It is amazing that the same group that organized incitement against Prime Minister Netanyahu and kept preaching about freedom of speech now seeks to infringe on the freedom of movement of a Knesset Member just because his beliefs don’t mirror their own.”

“Yesterday they asked me to coordinate an ascent o the Temple Mount and today they’d trying to keep me from marching in the heart of Jerusalem. When it comes to the radical left, freedom of expression is reserved only for terrorists and anti-Netanyahu protesters. You’re hypocrites and we’re sick of you!,” he added.

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