Bennett: Be careful of Iranian attempts to recruit Israelis

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett commented &#111n the Israel Security Agency (ISA) and Israel Police investigation into the recruiting of several Israeli citizens by Iranian intelligence operatives, today.
Prime Minister Bennett: “I congratulate the Israeli Security Agency and the Israel Police &#111n a successful operation that prevented terrorist activity against the State of Israel. The State of Israel is in an &#111ngoing campaign with Iran. It is clear: We see never-ending efforts and attempts by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps to recruit Israeli citizens. These attempts go beyond security and intelligence they are expanding to efforts to influence the citizens of Israel and Israeli society, sow discord and polarization, undermine political stability in Israel and damage the public’s trust in the government.”
“I call upon Israel’s citizens to be cautious of these attempts. It is possible that behind the information that you consume or share &#111n social media are the Iranians. Have no doubt – the long arm of the security establishment will catch up with anyone who tries to harm Israel’s security.”

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