Bennett on the new Corona strain: “On the verge of an emergency”

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett held a special discussion this morning (Friday) following the new corona strain that originated in South Africa and was discovered in Israel.
Bennett said that “the new variant is very contagious, and at a much faster rate than the Delta. We are getting more information from the South African health system, which is doing a very impressive job, but we do not yet have all the information. In the coming days our knowledge will expand very quickly. We will know if the variant threatens those already with immunity, at what rate, whether it is more lethal or not, how it affects children, and so &#111n.
“During the night I was informed that a verified patient was found here in Israel, which is disturbing. Our overriding principle at the moment is to act quickly and strongly. Especially when it comes to entering and leaving Israel, until the situation clears up. When it becomes clear, we will decide what we do. We are currently &#111n the verge of an emergency, I ask everyone to be fully prepared for work around the clock,” said the Prime Minister.

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