Bennett: World powers must not allow Iran to keep dragging out talks

Bennett: World powers must set clear red lines for Iran

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett says that world powers must not allow Iran to continue to drag out its dealings without setting clear deadlines and red lines.

“I hereby call on world powers not to fall captive to the sleight of hand of the Iranians, which will lead to further concessions,” he says. “Investigating the [nuclear] sites must not be given up, and the most important message that needs to be sent is that a time must be set. They are dragging it out, but a clear and sharp deadline must be set that says ‘until here.’”

Shortly after Bennett’s remarks, Iran agrees to allow international inspectors to install new memory cards in surveillance cameras at its sensitive nuclear sites and to continue filming there.

Earlier this month, the International Atomic Energy Agency in a report said that Iran has continued to increase its stockpile of highly enriched uranium. It also said that verification and monitoring activities have been “seriously undermined” since February, after Iran refused to let inspectors access IAEA monitoring equipment.

The head of the IAEA arrived in Tehran on Saturday for talks.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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