Bridging the gap between patients and medical staff

Trapped in a seemingly endless maze of white coats and scrubs, most would agree that going to the hospital has never and will never be a pleasurable experience. Commonly associated with illness and discomfort, many individuals opt to avoid these giant medical facilities unless absolutely necessary. With so much activity happening under one roof, one would assume that hospitals prioritize maintaining extremely organized and precise scheduling and communication with their patients, right? Think again. Hospitals are beyond chaotic, especially in regards to the correspondence between medical staff and patients. It’s almost too easy for a patient’s needs and requests to be forgotten or inadequately cared for as nurses are frequently consumed by other issues and obligations in this disorderly environment. 

Thankfully, Hilma – Social Tech for Impact has tirelessly worked to develop a solution to this pressing issue. Moving beyond the insufficient in-ward communication systems currently found in modern hospitals, such as the classic red button, the Hospikol application and management system aim to facilitate quick, direct, and effective communication between patients and medical professionals. Downloaded to both the patient and staff’s mobile devices, hospital efficiency and patient satisfaction is trending upwards.  

Compatible with iOS and Android devices, Hospikol consists of two applications and a management system geared towards the patient, the professional, and the overall hospital department:

Hospikol Patient Application – The Hospikol Patient application enables a patient to effortlessly connect with medical staff for help regarding specific needs or issues. Transcending language barriers, Hospikol can be converted to 10 different languages, easing the communication process between patients and staff members. While using the app, patients can report pain levels, ask for supplies, and view instructional videos and general information.

Hospikol Nurse Application – The Hospikol Nurse application helps hospital staff and caretakers better manage the various patient requests and tasks in their specific hospital department. The app enables the user to answer calls, clock in and out of their shift, create personal reminders and tasks, and communicate directly with patients. By using the Hospikol app, less time is wasted retrieving supplies and determining medical needs. Now, nurses are able to allocate more of their time to working directly with patients. 

Hospikol Management Systems – The Hospikol dashboard and monitor systems oversee all hospital activity: including calls, response times, and patient satisfaction. The system prioritizes patient requests based on urgency and delegates them to relevant medical staff.

Committed to improving the communicative experience between patients and hospital staff, the Hospikol application is projected to expand throughout Israel in the next coming years. Currently used within the maternity department of Hadassah Hospital, Mt. Scopus, Hospikol is already enhancing the hospital experience for mothers and newborns. With a few simple swipes, this innovative application is hoping to upgrade one’s hospital stay from awful to excellent. 

Sofia Klein has always felt a strong pull towards Israeli culture and community. Having grown up in West Bloomfield, Michigan, her Jewish background compelled her to venture to Israel in an attempt to fulfill her life-long plans of further understanding her Jewish roots. With an additional love for business and all things art related, advertising and marketing proved to be her ideal career. Meshed with her Jewish identity, Sofia put her professional interests to the test by applying for various jobs within Israel. After securing an internship at Hilma – Social Tech for Impact, Sofia was deeply inspired by the seemingly endless array of opportunities her new, high-tech family not only offered her, but the entire country of Israel. Now a proud, yet temporary member of the Hilma team, Sofia’s blog aims to expand Hilma’s impact and education through various media platforms.

(Sofia Klein is a rising Junior at Kalamazoo College. She is currently pursuing a major in Business with a creative focus. Sofia also has a concentration in Judaic Studies and one day hopes to make Aliyah)

About Hilma: Backed by nearly 80 individuals, ranging between the ages of 18 and 23, Hilma aims to develop and craft innovative applications and solutions in the areas of welfare, education and health for disadvantaged populations and social organizations. Hilma’s solutions not only tackle social issues, but also have a measurable business model with economic feasibility.

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