Bullet fired at Brooklyn synagogue, no injuries

Bullet fired at Brooklyn synagogue, no injuries | The Times of Israel

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Shot fired at Khal Zichron Menachem Synagogue on Saturday afternoon when house of worship was closed; no suspects arrested

A bullet was fired at the Khal Zichron Menachem synagogue in Brooklyn over the weekend, the New York Post reported Sunday. there were no reports of injuries.

A bullet hole was discovered in one of the windows on Saturday night. Police examined surveillance footage and discovered the shot was fired at 3.00 pm on Saturday afternoon, the Post reported.

The synagogue was closed at the time.

Police have not apprehended a suspect.

Recent weeks have seen a spike in antisemitic activity across the US, largely linked to the recent fighting between Israel and terror groups in Gaza. However, New York City has seen dozens of antisemitic attacks in recent years.



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Source Link: https://www.timesofisrael.com/bullet-fired-at-brooklyn-synagogue-no-injuries/

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