Israel ‘will not oppose’ advanced US arms sales to UAE

JERUSALEM: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Friday his country would not oppose US sales of advanced weapon systems to the UAE, apparently referring to F-35 fighter planes.“The prime minister and the... Read more »

US says Sudan to normalize ties with Israel, in new breakthrough for Trump

WASHINGTON: Sudan on Friday agreed to be the latest Arab nation to recognize Israel, President Donald Trump announced in a new diplomatic coup for him days before US elections.The United Arab Emirates and... Read more »

Israel warplanes strike Gaza following rocket fire

JERUSALEM: Israeli warplanes struck suspected Hamas military targets in the Gaza Strip before dawn on Friday following rocket fire from the blockaded Palestinian territory.Fighter jets and other aircraft struck a “weapons manufacturing... Read more »

US to build new embassy in Riyadh and strengthen ties with Saudi Arabia and UAE

CHICAGO: US State Department officials have praised America’s continuing relationship with Saudi Arabia and said the UAE accords with Israel have included benefits such as space exploration and research. David Schenker, assistant... Read more »

Contemporary Arab art goes under the hammer

Abdulrahman Al-Soliman Abdulrahman Al Soliman, ‘Nap,’ 1981 (est. £45,000-55,000). (Supplied) ‘Nap’ Al-Soliman was a member of Dar Al Funoon Al Sa’udiyyah (The Saudi Art House) — the first independent space entirely dedicated to... Read more »

Protesters back on Sudan streets

CAIRO: Sudanese protesters took to the streets in the capital and across the country on Wednesday over dire living conditions and a deadly crackdown on demonstrators in the east earlier this month. The... Read more »

Palestinian official Erekat undergoes bronchostomy

JERUSALEM: A doctor treating Palestinian official Saeb Erekat for COVID-19 performed a bronchostomy on Wednesday to examine the condition of his respiratory system, his daughter said.Salam Erekat said on Twitter that her... Read more »

First UAE delegation lands in Israel

DUBAI: The first official UAE delegation landed in Israel’s Ben Gurion airport on Tuesday, TV news channel Al-Arabiya reported.The officials were greeted by the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the report added,... Read more »

Hospital: Palestinian official Erekat in critical condition

JERUSALEM: Senior Palestinian official Saeb Erekat on Monday was in critical condition and breathing with a ventilator after his coronavirus infection worsened overnight, said the Israeli hospital treating him.Hadassah Medical Center described... Read more »

UAE ratifies peace signing agreement with Israel

DUBAI: The cabinet of the United Arab Emirates on Monday approved an agreement to establish full diplomatic relations with Israel that was signed in Washington last month, ahead of the first official... Read more »