Sheba & Mount Sinai team up to bring AI technology to hospitals

Israel’s largest hospital working with New York’s Mount Sinai Hospital to develop and integrate Artificial Intelligence at hospitalsSource Link: Read more »

Parole board denies release to Rabbi Binyamin Kahane's killer

The Parole Board determined that it does not have the authority to discuss the release of the terrorist who murdered the couple Rabbi Binyamin and Talia Kahana, Gadi Rajwan and a number... Read more »

Turkey appoints new Ambassador to Israel

Turkey has appointed Şakir &Oumlzkan Torunlar, who previously served as the Turkish consul in Jerusalem, as the new Turkish Ambassador to Israel following the resumption of diplomatic relations between the two nations.Source... Read more »

Report finds IDF activity not related to Arab boy's death

Following Biden’s demand that Israel probe death of Palestinian Arab boy, IDF investigation finds no connection with his death.Source Link: Read more »

International flights in Israel will depart from Terminal 3

Starting tomorrow, Friday, and &#111n the coming Fridays through 21.10.22, the morning activity of the international flights departing from Terminal 1 at Ben Gurion Airport will be relocated to Terminal 3.Source Link:... Read more »

Netanyahu on Lebanon deal: 'Nasrallah threatened & Lapid gave in'

Opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu responded to the proposed Lebanon border deal. “Nasrallah threatened – and Lapid folded. &#79nly the heavy pressure that I and my colleagues exerted made him withdraw from his... Read more »

Senior official: Lapid rejecting Lebanon's agreement amendments

A senior political source says that Prime Minister Yair Lapid has rejected Lebanon’s amendments to the maritime agreement.The senior official added that, “Israel will produce gas from the Karish rig as soon... Read more »

Lapid rejects Hashemite Kingdom of Palestine solution

One cannot expect every Israeli politician to embrace the Saudi Solution, but then they should publicly state their opposition.Op-ed.Source Link: Read more »

27 sheep discovered in trailer

Police officers stop vehicle driving in southern Israel, discover sheep in trailer.Source Link: Read more »

Ukraine's ambassador to Israel: 'Why won't Israel loan us $$500 million?

Israeli aid to Ukraine will grow following Russia-Iran rapprochement, Yevgen Korniychuk predicts.Source Link: Read more »