Australia reverses decision to recognise West Jerusalem as Israeli capital

Canberra will no longer recognise West Jerusalem as the capital, four years after changing its stance.Source Link: Read more »

Gold coins hidden in 7th Century found in wall

The 44 coins found in Israel date to the Muslim conquest of the area in 635, archaeologists say.Source Link: Read more »

Iran protests: Supreme leader blames unrest on US and Israel

In his first comments on the protests, Ayatollah Khamenei accuses Iran’s enemies of planning “rioting”.Source Link: Read more »

Palestinian deaths toll in Jerusalem, W Bank hits 100 this year

The deadliest tally in years comes amid a big increase in Israeli military raids.Source Link: Read more »

Palestinian anger at possible UK Jerusalem embassy move

It comes after the UK PM is said to have told Israel’s leader she might relocate it to Jerusalem.Source Link: Read more »

Israel: Is this an ultra-Orthodox MeToo moment?

Victims of sexual abuse within Israel’s haredi community tell of their struggle to bring their abusers to justice.Source Link: Read more »

Earliest evidence of opium use found in burial site in Israel

The traces found in jugs in Israel could have been used as a send-off for the dead 3,400 years ago.Source Link: Read more »

Hermit faces eviction from beachside cave home

Nisim has spent almost 50 years building and decorating his home in the Israeli town of Herzliya.Source Link: Read more »

Israeli U-turn over West Bank romance declarations

Draft rules requiring foreign visitors to report relationships with Palestinians are dropped.Source Link: Read more »

Hamas executes two 'Israel collaborators' in Gaza

The men had given Israel information which had led to the killing of Palestinians, a statement says.Source Link: Read more »