Trump Russia meeting: Lavrov praises Trump and Tillerson after talks

Moscow and Washington are looking to “remove all the barriers” to having a better relationship, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has said following talks at the White House. Mr Lavrov met with... Read more »

France bans extremely thin models

A law in France banning the use of unhealthily thin fashion models has come into effect. Models will need to provide a doctor’s certificate attesting to their overall physical health, with special... Read more »

Brazil jails eight militants over Rio Olympic plot

A judge in Brazil has jailed eight men for plotting attacks during the 2016 Rio Olympics last year and for using the internet to promote the Islamic State (IS) militant group. The... Read more »

Trump to visit Israel, Vatican and Saudi Arabia in first foreign trip

Donald Trump has said he will visit Israel, the Vatican and Saudi Arabia in his first foreign trip as US president. Mr Trump will travel overseas in late May before heading to... Read more »

Trump tells Abbas 'very good chance' of Mid-East peace deal

Media playback is unsupported on your device US President Donald Trump has said there is “a very good chance” of a Middle East peace deal, during talks with Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas.... Read more »

UK should not back US Middle-East policy, say peers

The unpredictability of Donald Trump’s approach to the Middle East means the UK should no longer support US foreign policy in the region, peers have said. A House of Lords committee concluded... Read more »

New Hamas policy document 'aims to soften image'

The Palestinian militant group Hamas has published a new policy document – the first since its founding charter. It declares for the first time a willingness to accept an interim Palestinian state... Read more »

Syria war: Israel Patriot missile downs 'target' over Golan

Israel shot down “a target” over the Golan Heights, hours after it was accused of a missile strike at a military site near Damascus international airport. Israel deployed its Patriot missile defence... Read more »

Syria conflict: 'Huge explosion' rocks Damascus airport

A large explosion has hit an area near Damascus international airport, a monitoring group says. “The blast was huge and could be heard in Damascus,” said Rami Abdel Rahman, head of the... Read more »

Concerns raised over students' unions' anti-Israel stance

Media playback is unsupported on your device Concerns over some students’ unions’ support for a boycott of Israel are being looked into by the Charity Commission, the BBC has learned. Seventeen student... Read more »