Syria war: US ground troops kill 'leading IS member'

US troops have targeted and killed a leading member of the so-called Islamic State (IS) group in a commando raid in Syria, military officials say. The attack took place near the town... Read more »

Syria chemical weapons: 'No doubt' Damascus retains stocks

The US Defence Secretary James Mattis has said there can be “no doubt” that Syria retains chemical weapons. Gen Mattis also said the Syrian government had moved its warplanes in recent days,... Read more »

US accuses Iran of 'alarming provocations'

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has accused Iran of “alarming ongoing provocations” aimed at destabilising the Middle East and undermining America’s interests in the region. “An unchecked Iran has the potential... Read more »

Hannah Bladon Jerusalem stabbing: Family 'devastated' at attack

The family of British student Hannah Bladon, who was stabbed to death in Jerusalem, have said they are “devastated” by the “senseless and tragic attack”. Ms Bladon, 20, was attacked on a... Read more »

Can Donald Trump's Arab honeymoon last?

They’re calling him “Abu Ivanka al-Amriki” – “Father of Ivanka, the American”. From Cairo to Qatar, the US presidential candidate once derided as impulsive, an Islamophobe and a misogynist appears to have... Read more »

Jerusalem stabbing: British woman killed in train attack

A British woman thought to be in her 20s has been stabbed to death in Jerusalem, police have said. The tourist was attacked while she travelled on a train near the Old... Read more »

Syria war: US 'disappointed' at Russia's Syria stance

The US is “disappointed but not surprised” at Russia’s response to its strikes on a Syrian air base suspected of storing chemical weapons. At least six people are reported to have been... Read more »

Syria war: Russia condemns US missile strike on 'chemical weapons' base

Media playback is unsupported on your device Russia has reacted angrily after the US launched a missile strike on a Syrian government air base. US officials said the base had been used... Read more »

Syria strikes: World reaction to US missile attack

Media playback is unsupported on your device World leaders have been responding to US President Donald Trump’s overnight missile strikes on a Syrian government air base suspected of launching a chemical attack... Read more »

Labour ruling 'fails Jewish community', says Chief Rabbi

The Chief Rabbi has accused Labour of “failing the Jewish community” by not expelling Ken Livingstone. The former London mayor was suspended from the party for two years on Tuesday for comments... Read more »