Executed Iranian wrestler Navid Afkari still offers 'message of freedom,' says mother

In a rare interview with CNN Sport’s Don Riddell, Bahieh Namjoo says she is aware of the dangers that come with speaking out against the Iranian government, but insists she is determined... Read more »

Israeli police recapture four of six escaped Palestinian prisoners

The first two were arrested on Friday evening in Nazareth, about 30 kilometers (18 miles) from the Gilboa prison where the breakout happened, while two other escapees were picked up in the... Read more »

Palestinian prisoners escape from Israeli prison, apparently through a tunnel

The men escaped from Gilboa prison, which lies between the Sea of Galilee in Israel and the West Bank town of Jenin. A picture of a tunnel entrance purportedly used by the... Read more »

Banksy's shredded painting is on sale again — and it may be worth six times as much

Written by Jacquelyn Palumbo, CNN It’s been almost three years since a Banksy painting partially shredded itself in front of shocked onlookers, moments after selling for over £1 million ($1.4 million) at... Read more »

Syrian oil spill spreads across the Mediterranean and could reach Cyprus on Wednesday

Syrian officials said last week that a tank filled with 15,000 tons of fuel had been leaking since August 23 at a thermal power plant on the Syrian coastal city of Baniyas.... Read more »

Analysis: Europe's disunity and lack of trust imperils the continent's future

Petty spats between the leaders of the EU’s political institutions have led to critics saying that those at the top of the Brussels food chain are prioritizing their own careers and personal... Read more »

Nigerian doctors on strike amid an exodus of talent

“I’m only surviving by faith,” said Agbenro, who is supposed to be starting a second round of chemotherapy at the state-run National Hospital in the capital Abuja. He says he has received... Read more »

Bedlam on US airlines and more vaccine and mask mandates

(CNN) — There have been cancellations and chaos on US airlines, Canada and Japan have been cracking down on Covid rule-breakers, but the UK is opening up to more and more vaccinated... Read more »

Hopes of revived Iran nuclear talks dim amid delays as new hardline president takes office

Washington CNN —   Biden administration officials are becoming increasingly pessimistic about reviving the Iran nuclear deal as the country’s new hardline president takes office and its nuclear program continues to accelerate,... Read more »

Israelis told to 'stop embracing', elderly urged to get booster as Covid-19 cases spike

In a recorded audio message meant to be forwarded to friends and family, Bennett said that in the next two to three weeks anyone who is over the age of 60 and... Read more »