This rabbi is joining the German army, 90 years after Hitler expelled Jewish soldiers

Now, as the country begins to open up, he’s taking on a previously unimaginable job as the German military’s chief rabbi — its first in almost 90 years, since Adolf Hitler expelled... Read more »

Palestinians cancel Pfizer vaccine agreement with Israel

The abrupt turnaround came after health officials in Ramallah inspected the first delivery of almost 90,000 doses Friday afternoon, the Palestinian Health Minister said. ”It was found that the doses did not... Read more »

Israel to transfer at least 1 million Covid-19 vaccines to Palestinians in swap deal

The statement said the stock of between 1 million and 1.4 million doses of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine “will expire soon” and indicates it is currently surplus to Israel’s requirements — though it... Read more »

IDF strikes Gaza for second time this week, after incendiary balloons spark eight fires in southern Israel

Overnight Wednesday, the IDF struck what it said were Hamas military complexes and meeting places for the Khan Younis and Gaza brigades of the militant organization which rules Gaza. Those airstrikes, the... Read more »

Why balloons strapped to explosives are the latest flashpoint in Israel-Hamas tensions

Officials said at least 20 fires were started Tuesday by the balloons. Palestinian media reported the retaliatory Israeli strikes caused material damages, with no casualties reported. More balloons were launched Wednesday, starting... Read more »

Zara under fire after top designer sends Palestinian model inflammatory messages

Written by Jack Guy, CNN Fashion giant Zara is under fire after its head women’s designer, Vanessa Perilman, sent inflammatory messages to Palestinian model Qaher Harhash on Instagram. Harhash posts pro-Palestinian content... Read more »

Israel's new prime minister is sworn in, ending Netanyahu's 12-year grip on power

After four elections in two years, Bennett’s incoming government breaks a long political deadlock and ushers in the most diverse coalition Israel has ever seen, including the first Arab party to serve... Read more »

Netanyahu battles to stay in power in potential last weekend as Israel's Prime Minister

Over the past week, Netanyahu has accused the man set to replace him, Naftali Bennett, of carrying out “the greatest election fraud in the history of the country” and establishing a “dangerous”... Read more »

Heroes of laziness, a Hamas supporter and David Hasselhoff. The stars of Germany's absurd Covid publicity campaign

From spending millions on videos deemed insensitive, commissioning an alleged Hamas supporter to promote the vaccine for the country’s Arabic-speaking population to getting “Baywatch” star David Hasselhoff to promote the jab while... Read more »

Opinion: The US should deal with Assad

As many know, I frequently met with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad between 2004 and 2009 first to write a biography on him and then as something of an unofficial liaison between the... Read more »