Israel's coalition government loses its majority as right-wing lawmaker quits

Israel’s government was dealt a major blow on Wednesday when coalition chairwoman Idit Silman resigned, depriving the government of its majority. Source Link: Read more »

UAE sentences Israeli woman to death for cocaine possession

A court in the United Arab Emirates has sentenced an Israeli woman to death, after she was found guilty of possessing 500 grams of cocaine. The woman — named by Israeli media... Read more »

Israel and the West Bank are on edge again. Here are five things you need to know

A series of terror attacks and violent incidents have put Israel and the Palestinian territories on edge again. Source Link: Read more »

At least five dead in shooting near Tel Aviv

Five people were killed in a shooting near Tel Aviv, according to Israeli police, marking the third such attack in Israel within a week. Source Link: Read more »

ISIS attack kills two in Israel as Arab and Israeli officials hold historic summit

ISIS operatives killed two people and injured six in a shooting attack Sunday in the Israeli city of Hadera, some 31 miles north of Tel Aviv, Israeli officials said. Source Link: Read more »

Russia's invasion of Ukraine puts Israel in a tricky spot

In Israel, when someone is trying to tread carefully, it is said that they are “walking between the raindrops” — trying not to get wet. Source Link: Read more »

Three Palestinian militants killed in Nablus in Israeli counter-terror operation

Three Palestinian militants have been shot dead by Israeli counter-terror police in the West Bank city of Nablus. The Palestinian Authority Foreign Ministry accused Israel of carrying out an assassination. Source Link:... Read more »

Israel police under fire amid allegations of cybersurveillance use against public figures

Israel’s government is set to consider opening a commission of inquiry into the police amid growing anger over the alleged police use of Pegasus hacking software against a wide array of senior... Read more »

UAE intercepts ballistic missile during Israeli President's visit

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) on Monday intercepted and destroyed a ballistic missile in the third such incident this month, according to authorities, as the Israeli President visited the country. Source Link:... Read more »

Israeli settlers rage through Palestinian town, marking the latest 'nationalistically motivated' attack in the region

Israeli settlers in a convoy of cars rampaged through a Palestinian town in the West Bank near Nablus on Monday evening, marking the latest in a string of violent incidents involving settlers... Read more »