Israel’s missile defense chief on weapons collaboration with the US

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Where President-elect Joe Biden stands on national security issues

WASHINGTON — After five days of counting, former Vice President Joe Biden has been declared the winner of the U.S. presidential election, unseating President Donald Trump. Biden, who was elected to the... Read more »

Israel shifts naval doctrine with new Sa’ar 6 warships

JERUSALEM — Israel will receive the first of four Sa’ar 6 ships in December as part of a broad shift in naval doctrine that will see the country defend more areas at... Read more »

Democrats building speed-bumps for F-35 sale to United Arab Emirates

WASHINGTON ― More Capitol Hill headwinds are greeting the Trump administration’s fast moving sale of 50 F-35 joint strike fighters to the United Arab Emirates, as Democrats on Friday introduced a new... Read more »

Israel’s underground Sensory Concrete Barrier exposes tunnel for first time

JERUSALEM — Israel located and exposed a tunnel being built from the Gaza Strip into Israeli territory on Oct. 20 in the first detection by the Israel Defense Forces’ Sensory Concrete Barrier... Read more »

UAE could get up to 50 F-35s in $10B sale

WASHINGTON — The U.S. State Department is backing the sale of as many as 50 F-35 joint strike fighters to the United Arab Emirates in an arms deal worth an estimated $10.4... Read more »

Amid UAE F-35 talks, Trump administration won’t end congressional arms sale reviews

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Italy defense budget rebounds despite Covid crisis

ROME – Italy has announced a major boost to its defense budget even as the country spends millions of euros battling the devastating effect of Covid-19 on its economy. Overall defense ministry... Read more »

Israel drops objection to US sale of ‘certain’ arms to UAE

JERUSALEM — Israel said Friday it will not oppose the U.S. sale of “certain weapon systems” to the United Arab Emirates following an agreement with Washington to upgrade its own capabilities to... Read more »

Rafael pitches naval capabilities to counter ‘asymmetric power projection’

JERUSLAEM — Rafael Advanced Defense Systems is presenting a number of technologies during the Euronaval conference meant to counter “asymmetric power projection” at sea. The Israeli company is making its pitch to... Read more »