Israel has a KC-46 problem. Here’s the solution.

The U.S. and Israel urgently need to replace their aging aerial refueling fleets with the modernized KC-46A. The problem is the aircraft has been plagued by development challenges and delays.Source Link: Read more »

Israel successfully tests new laser missile defense system

The Israeli-made laser system, known as the “Iron Beam,” is designed to complement a series of aerial defense systems, including the more costly rocket-intercepting Iron Dome.Source Link: Read more »

German Air Force banks on Israel’s Arrow-3 for national missile shield

The assumption follows the “informal” approval by political leaders in Germany to initiate more concrete acquisition plans, a service spokesman told Defense News.Source Link: Read more »

Israel reveals first time it used F-35 to shoot down Iranian drone

Israel says the interception took place before the UAVs could enter Israeli airspace. This means they were shot down over the airspace of at least one other country.Source Link: Read more »

Rafael subsidiary gets classified clearance to work in US

Rafael Systems Global Sustainment’s new US clearance opens doors for Israeli company to do business in America.Source Link: Read more »

Israel successfully tests naval version of Iron Dome

The C-Dome is being installed on Israel’s latest-generation corvette ships, which protect Israel’s coastline and offshore natural gas assets in the Mediterranean Sea.Source Link: Read more »

Iran-backed attacks are further driving UAE-Israeli defense tech development

It was about a year ago that Emirati defense conglomerate Edge Group partnered with Israel Aerospace Industries to develop counter-drone systems, marking the first defense collaboration of its kind…Source Link: Read more »

Israel plans ‘laser wall,’ but questions remain about effectiveness and cost

Where will Israel station the weapons? Will they be able to defend the country against rockets? Is the technology affordable, and what platforms will host the laser systems?Source Link: Read more »

Israel unveils artificial intelligence strategy for armed forces

Reports indicate artificial intelligence played a key role in the Israel conflict with Hamas in Gaza in May 2021, and artificial intelligence is increasingly being incorporated into systems developed…Source Link: Read more »

Iran unveils new missile it says can strike US bases, Israel

Iran’s state TV said the missile has high accuracy, is manufactured completely domestically, and can defeat missile shield systems.Source Link: Read more »