How President Trump delivered on a number of foreign policy pledges

Less than two weeks before the 2020 presidential election, with foreign policy a focal point of the final Trump/Biden debate Thursday, the commander-in-chief is set to highlight long-held promises and accomplishments during his first term.  “Trump’s list of... Read more »

Bringing the 'ISIS Beatles' to justice in US courts: Behind the complex mission

It’s a haunting image: American journalist James Foley kneeling in the ancient, sandy plains of Syria. His face is a map of resilience and stoicism and he is outfitted in a tangerine... Read more »

UN arms embargo against Iran expires: What's next?

Despite staunch opposition from the United States, a long-standing UN arms embargo has lapsed – leaving Tehran open to deadly weapons purchases. Celebrations erupted through the upper echelons of Tehran’s ruling class... Read more »

Two American hostages of Iran-backed militants freed in trade: report

Two Americans held hostage by Iran-backed Houthi militants in Yemen were freed on Wednesday as part of a U.S.-backed trade that returned more than 200 of the group’s loyalists to the fractured... Read more »

Israel and Lebanon hold historic talks on maritime border

Jerusalem, ISRAEL – The first day of historic talks between Israel and Lebanon on their maritime border dispute ended Wednesday in Naqoura as the two bitter rivals agreed to reconvene for a negotiation... Read more »

Palestinian president meets with World Jewish Congress' Ronald Lauder in West Bank: report

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas met with World Jewish Congress President Ronald Lauder in the West Bank on Saturday, a Palestinian minister told Reuters. The talk follows a call by Lauder to revive... Read more »

Death toll soars as Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict escalates: 'This is a fight against jihadists'

Ever since tensions flared up again late last month, everything from rockets to missiles to munitions continues to crack in and around Nagorno-Karabakh — the hotly fought-after land parcel bordering Christian-dominant Armenia and Muslim-majority... Read more »

Syrian rebels reportedly sent to fight in Azerbaijan-Armenia conflict

The ongoing bloody battle between Armenia and Azerbaijan in the border area of Nagorno-Karabakh is quickly being seen as a potential proxy war between Ankara and Moscow, which stand on opposite sides of the... Read more »

Is Qatar lying about its COVID-19 outbreak to avoid jeopardizing its hosting of the World Cup?

EXCLUSIVE — The demands to relocate the 2020 Men’s FIFA World Cup tournament from Qatar to another country are being reignited amid a report obtained exclusively by Fox News that casts doubts on... Read more »

Netanyahu urges Beirut neighborhood to 'act now' over alleged Hezbollah arms depot

In an address to the United Nations General Assembly, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday showed pictures of what he claims is a secret Hezbollah arms depot in the middle of... Read more »