Israel's parliament dissolves, sets 5th election in 4 years

The Israeli parliament voted Thursday to dissolve itself a little over a year after it was formed in a move that saw leader Benjamin Netanyahu removed from office.Source Link: Read more »

Israeli Prime Minister Bennett announces retirement from politics, paving the way for Netanyahu’s return

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett is withdrawing from political life as a new election approaches, opening the door for Benjamin Netanyahu’s return.Source Link: Read more »

Top former Israeli officer: Iran nuclear deal revival would have 'unprecedented devastating consequences’

A former top Israeli military officer is warning of “unprecedented devastating consequences” if world powers return to a 2015 nuclear deal that was reached with Iran.Source Link: Read more »

UN agency teachers urge terrorism and murder of Jews, report claims

UN Watch, a Swiss based NGO issued a report, Thursday, that uncovered a shocking picture of how some teachers who work for UNRWA put out explicit and violent messages on social media... Read more »

Israel calls for new elections one month before Biden visit

Israel’s Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and coalition partners have called for new elections that are set for October this year. President Biden is due to visit Israel next month.Source Link: Read more »

Ukraine is building its own Iron Dome. This US company is key

Ukraine is modernizing its air defense system, creating its own version of Israel’s Iron Dome with the assistance of U.S. based tech company JustAnswer.Source Link: Read more »

UN body issues ‘antisemitic report’ against Israel, critics charge

Critics condemn new United Nations Human Rights Council report on Israel as being one-sided and out of touch wit the truth.Source Link: Read more »

Palestinians say Israeli troops kill 1 in West Bank raids

The Palestinian Health Ministry confirmed Thursday that Israeli forces shot and killed a Palestinian man during a series of West Bank refugee camp raids.Source Link: Read more »

Israeli troops shoot, kill Palestinian with knife West Bank

Israeli troops shot and killed a woman holding a knife in West Bank, with Israeli military reporting they had opened fire on an assailant, and no soldiers were hurt.Source Link: Read more »

China threatens to downgrade ties with Israel after newspaper publishes Taiwan interview

China is threatening to downgrade relations with Israel after a newspaper published an interview with Taiwan’s foreign ministerSource Link: Read more »