Single Covid vaccine dose in Israel 'less effective than we hoped'

Surge in infections dampens optimism over country’s advanced immunisation programme Coronavirus – latest updates See all our coronavirus coverage Israel’s coronavirus tsar has warned that a single dose of the Pfizer/BioNtech vaccine... Read more »

The Guardian view of Israel and apartheid: Prophecy or Description? | Editorial

It was a deliberate provocation by B’Tselem, Israel’s largest human rights group, to describe the Palestinians in the Holy Land as living under an apartheid regime. Many Israelis detest the idea that... Read more »

Half of British Jews will not display public sign of Judaism

Almost half of British Jews avoid showing visible signs of their Judaism in public, such as a Star of David or a kippah (skullcap), because of antisemitism, a new survey has found.... Read more »

Deadliest Israeli airstrikes on Syria in years kill 57, say observers

Israeli air strikes on east Syria killed 57 regime forces and allied Iran-backed fighters in the deadliest such strikes since the start of the conflict, a war monitoring group said on Wednesday.... Read more »

We are Israel's largest human rights group – and we are calling this apartheid | Hagai El-Ad

One cannot live a single day in Israel-Palestine without the sense that this place is constantly being engineered to privilege one people, and one people only: the Jewish people. Yet half of... Read more »

Israel is a non-democratic apartheid regime, says rights group

Israel is not a democracy but an “apartheid regime” that enforces Jewish supremacy over all the land it controls, a leading domestic rights group has alleged in a position paper bound to... Read more »

Bullet-ridden chapel on River Jordan holds first mass since six-day war

Mass was celebrated on Sunday at the site where Jesus is believed to have been baptised on the banks of the River Jordan for the first time in more than half a... Read more »

Netanyahu touts Pfizer deal after 20% of Israelis get Covid jab

One in five Israelis have been given first doses of coronavirus vaccines, roughly ten times higher than the UK and US, with the country aiming to have inoculated all eligible age groups... Read more »

Severe climate-driven loss of native molluscs reported off Israel’s coast

The world’s most devastating climate-driven loss of ocean life has been reported in the eastern Mediterranean, one of the fastest warming places on Earth. Native mollusc populations along the coast of Israel... Read more »

Covid vaccinations: slow start around world brings dose of reality

The global introduction of newly approved coronavirus vaccines has been marked by delays, shortages and bureaucratic errors as it has become clear that many governments will miss their targets for mass inoculation.... Read more »