Libyans burn tyres in protest over Israel meeting – video

Hundreds of people protested in the Libyan capital, Tripoli, after news broke that their foreign minister, Najla al-Mangoush, had held meetings with Israeli officials. Demonstrators gathered in front of the headquarters of... Read more »

Israeli airstrikes force closure of Aleppo airport – Syrian state media

Israeli airstrikes on Aleppo airport in northern Syria have caused the grounding of flights, the Syrian state news agency Sana has reported, citing a military source. During more than 12 years of... Read more »

Libya suspends foreign minister after Israel meeting sparks protests

The leader of Libya’s government has suspended his foreign minister after her Israeli counterpart announced he had held talks with her last week in Rome, despite the countries not having formal relations.... Read more »

Supermodel Bella Hadid called an ‘Israel hater’ by far-right, pro-settler minister

The far-right Israeli national security minister, Itamar Ben-Gvir, has called the Palestinian American supermodel Bella Hadid an “Israel hater” after she joined denunciations of his claim that Jewish settlers have more rights... Read more »

UK ‘seeking to block ICJ ruling’ on Israeli occupation of Palestine

The UK has been accused of “seeking to block the international court of justice (ICJ) from addressing important international humanitarian law matters” in a submission to the world court on the legality... Read more »

Israeli embassy officials attempted to influence UK court cases, documents suggest

Israeli embassy officials in London attempted to get the attorney general’s office to intervene in UK court cases relating to the prosecution of protesters, documents seen by the Guardian suggest. The papers,... Read more »

Biden aims for a Middle East hat-trick. He’s delusional and out of time | Simon Tisdall

It’s uncanny, the way America’s declining influence across the Middle East seems to be tracking the previous, humbling retreat of the British empire from the same area. It’s as if the countries... Read more »

Two Israelis killed in suspected Palestinian shooting at West Bank car wash

Two Israelis were killed in a suspected Palestinian shooting attack on a car wash in a volatile stretch of the occupied West Bank on Saturday, the latest outburst of violence in the... Read more »

I have long rejected claims that Israel is an apartheid state. Now I believe that is where it is heading | Benjamin Pogrund

Israel 2023, South Africa 1948. I’ve lived through it before: power grabbing, fascism and racism – the destruction of democracy. Israel is going where South Africa was 75 years ago. It’s like... Read more »

US Jews urged to condemn Israeli occupation amid Netanyahu censure

Hundreds of Israeli and American public figures have called on US Jewish groups to speak out against the occupation of the Palestinian territories as “the elephant in the room” of Prime Minister... Read more »