Israel’s president calls for halt to judicial overhaul after mass protests

Israel’s president has urged the government to halt its bitterly contested judicial overhaul, a day after prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu sacked his defence minister for opposing the move, sparking mass street protests.... Read more »

Protests in Israel after Netanyahu sacks defence minister – video

Protests erupted across Israel on Sunday, after Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced the dismissal of defence minister Yoav Gallant. Gallant’s sacking came a day after he broke ranks with the government... Read more »

Netanyahu fires defence minister after he told him to stop judicial overhaul

Benjamin Netanyahu has fired his defence minister, a day after he called on the Israeli leader to halt a planned judicial overhaul that has divided the country and sparked growing discontent within... Read more »

Welcoming Benjamin Netanyahu to No 10 is an insult to British Palestinians like me | Sara Husseini

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Thousands rally in Tel Aviv against Benjamin Netanyahu’s judicial overhaul

Thousands of Israelis rallied in Tel Aviv against a judicial overhaul by the hard-right government, ahead of a key week expected to see more legislative steps and mass protests. The latest demonstration... Read more »

Rishi Sunak stresses ‘close partnership’ with Israel amid protests at Benjamin Netanyahu visit – live

Filters BETA Downing Street described Israel as a “vital international partner” after Rishi Sunak’s meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu this morning. At the morning lobby briefing the PM’s spokesperson said: Israel is a... Read more »

Rishi Sunak can’t afford to ignore Israel’s collapsing democracy –its everyone’s problem | Eran Yashiv

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How far-right American Jews are enabling Netanyahu’s court takeover

A prominent member of the Israeli parliament has a warning for America’s Jewish community: one of the greatest threats to Israeli democracy comes from within its own ranks. On a visit to... Read more »

Sunak hosts Netanyahu amid disquiet over Israel’s rightwing coalition

Rishi Sunak will meet Benjamin Netanyahu in Downing Street on Friday, amid calls for him to do more to distance the UK from the Israeli prime minister and the extremism of his... Read more »

Scores arrested on Israeli day of protest as parliament passes judicial changes

Israel’s two-month-old protest movement has taken to the streets for a “day of disruption” as the parliament passed the first part of the hardline government’s controversial judicial changes into law. The legislation,... Read more »