Lorde’s artistic right to cancel gig in Tel Aviv | Letters

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Netanyahu on African migrants: ‘The mission is to remove the remainder’ – video

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Hey pop stars! If you fancy getting political, read this first

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Netanyahu asks if African ‘infiltrators’ can be forcibly removed from Israel

PM reportedly orders study of new proposal as cabinet meet to approve plan to tell migrants to leave or face indefinite jail Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, has reportedly asked officials to... Read more »

Gaza’s health system close to collapse as electricity crisis threatens total blackout

World Health Organization warns hospitals could be plunged into darkness by end of February without fresh funding to keep emergency generators running Hospitals in Gaza will face an almost total power blackout... Read more »

Trump moves a step closer to destruction of Middle East peace process

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Trump threatens to cut US aid to Palestinians to force peace talks

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Israel to tell African migrants: leave or face indefinite imprisonment

Rights groups condemn plan to return those who entered Israel illegally and who do not have a refugee application pending Israel is set to inform thousands of Africans who entered the country... Read more »

Palestinian 16-year-old Ahed Tamimi is the latest child victim of Israel’s occupation | Harriet Sherwood

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