Jerusalem Deputy Mayor Hagit Moshe to head Bayit Yehudi

Jerusalem Deputy Mayor Hagit Moshe will be the first woman to head an Orthodox party in Israel after she won Tuesday’s leadership primary in the Bayit Yehudi Party. Moshe defeated Yamina leader... Read more »

Basketball and soccer leagues set to resume despite lockdown

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was expected to approve the exemption of professional basketball and soccer games from the COVID-19 lockdown regulations, extended on Tuesday for 10 more days. “We can trust the... Read more »

Coronavirus in Israel: Cabinet extends lockdown until the end of January

The cabinet met on Tuesday and approved an extension of the current reinforced lockdown until the end of January, a shorter period than the one originally requested by the Health Ministry in... Read more »

COVID-19 highlights the haredi fissure in Israeli society – analysis

Few in this country have a better read of which way the political winds blow than Shas head Arye Deri. It is this skill, this great political acumen, that enabled him to... Read more »

COVID-19 underlines rabbis control over ultra-Orthodox, not the state

On Monday morning, the prime minister of Israel conducted his second phone call of the last two weeks to discuss COVID-19 policy with a 30-year old man who has not been elected... Read more »

Israel Police clash with ultra-Orthodox COVID-19 regulation violators

Police clashed with dozens of extremist haredi (ultra-Orthodox) men in Bnei Brak, Jerusalem and Beit Shemesh on Tuesday while seeking to enforce COVID-19 lockdown regulations amid an outbreak of the disease in... Read more »

Officials from 17 European nations met with Israel over settlements

 In an unusual move, representatives of 17 European nations met with Foreign Ministry Deputy Director-General for Europe Anna Azari on Tuesday to discuss their concerns about the settlements. According to a tweet... Read more »

Field of Peace launched to unite Israeli and UAE youth

Israel Baseball Association and Dubai Little League announce new baseball tournament to take place in both countries. Source Link: Read more »

In blow to Netanyahu, settler leader leaves Likud for New Hope Party

In a blow to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s push for right-wing support, Yesha Council head David Elhayani has left the Likud for Gideon Sa’ar’s New Hope Party. “I’m joining New Hope. I... Read more »

Building an Amazon store, for 'normal' Israelis

It is not easy to create a successful Amazon store, especially from Israel, but Shlomi Nidam has done it, and he thinks he can do it for others, too. Nidam, owner and... Read more »