Ukraine stops Israeli sex criminal Berland from entering country for Uman

Jerusalem court had decided to let Berland, a Breslov Hassid who was previously convicted of rape and sexual assault of multiple women, to travel. Source Link: Read more »

Israel: PA President Abbas incited hate and glorified terrorism at UNGA

EU Foreign Policy chief Josep Borrell similarly refrained from commenting on Abbas’ speech, but “warmly welcomed” Lapid’s words. Source Link: Read more »

Israeli exhibition about violence against women premiers at Geneva UN office

The new exhibition presents the clothes of women who were murdered by their partners and is designed to raise awareness of violence against women. Source Link: Read more »

Tel Aviv Watergen Open tennis event gets underway

Israelis Oliel, Leshem and Cuckierman are given wild cards to Israel’s richest-ever tournament. Source Link: Read more »

Suspected ramming attack in West bank, IDF reports no injuries

An IDF soldier shot at the suspected terrorist, and Israeli media reported that he died from his wounds. Source Link: Read more »

Security forces arrest four in West Bank, seize dozens of weapons

Armed assailants fired at Israeli forces during West Bank arrests * Joint police-IDF operation foils smuggling of over 30 weapons. Source Link: Read more »

Israel's population just shy of 10 million – report

The report predicts that Israel’s population will reach 10,000,000 people in 2024. Source Link: Read more »

Springtime for who? Israeli satirical show likens Itamar Ben-Gvir to Hitler

It’s not quite the Adolf Hitler who ran Germany from 1933-1945, but the singing, high-kicking Hitler imagined by Mel Brooks in his classic 1967 comedy, “The Producers.” Source Link: Read more »

Israeli singer Rita's message to Iranian women: 'We stand united for freedom'

The Israeli star singer of Iranian descent Rita Yahan-Farouz, in a message to Iranian Women: “Standing as heroes for freedom, against bullets. Source Link: Read more »

Ghajar: The Israeli-Lebanese town, once closed, is now open for tourists

NORTHERN AFFAIRS: Ghajar has long been a closed military zone, but 22 years later, Israel suddenly opened it for tourists. Source Link: Read more »