Israeli designer launches 3D-printed virtual reality fashion exhibition

Combining virtual reality and 3D printing, two of the most exciting technological advances of recent times, the Israeli fashion designer Ganit Goldstein launched a virtual reality exhibition space to present one of... Read more »

Bank of Israel leaves lending rate unchanged, QE program expanded

Leaving the lending rate at just 0.1% raises some concern due to the country’s worsening financial crisis sparked by the coronavirus pandemic. Source Link: Read more »

Anti-Netanyahu protests take place throughout Israel, reports of violence

Hundreds of demonstrations have been taking place across Israel in continued regular anti-Netanyahu protests that have thousands of participants angered over a variety of issues, ranging from government mismanagement of the coronavirus... Read more »

Hadassah flyover to thank coronavirus medical staff

Hadassah-University Medical Center staff from the coronavirus ward received a special surprise on Friday morning when a civilian planes appeared over the hospital to express support for their intensive activity and salute... Read more »

Sudan becomes third Arab state in weeks to announce ties with Israel

Sudan and Israel would begin to establish diplomatic ties, US President Donald Trump announced on Friday. “Huge win today for the United States and for peace in the world,” Trump tweeted. “Sudan... Read more »

Jerusalem’s First Station complex to add housing, hotels, retail

The Jerusalem Planning and Construction Committee has approved plans to further develop the city’s First Station complex, adding housing and hotel units as well as expanded retail and commerce options to the... Read more »

Erekat’s Hadassah care must be top priority for Israel – comment

Treating chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat in a Jerusalem hospital should serve as a reminder of what it means to be a Jewish state. Source Link: Read more »