COVID: Israeli couple arrested in Greece after testing positive

Greek airport authorities arrested the couple who attempted to enter their scheduled flight despite a positive COVID-19 test. Source Link: Read more »

Video tour of Israel will reconnect locked-out tourists

Tour guide Josh Levinson plans to hike across the whole State of Israel and document his journey on YouTube. Source Link: Read more »

Police take down leading gang with help of undercover agent

Israel Police took down a gang with the help of a prominent member they had recruited. Source Link: Read more »

Shalva Band collaborates with WHO to promote disability inclusion

The Israeli band collaborated with the World Health Organization to raise awareness on the World Health Assembly’s resolution last May, which aims to give the “highest attainable standard of health.” Source Link:... Read more »

40% of new COVID cases in Israel among Arabs, 40% children

Some 6,456 new cases were diagnosed on Sunday, with only around 5% of the 126,000 people screened testing positive — one of the lowest positivity rates since mid-August. Source Link: Read more »

MDA brings back travelling sukkah to cheer staff on Sukkot

During Hol Hamoed Sukkot, Rabbi Shpitzer will drive a portable sukkah to MDA stations all over Israel to raise morale for workers and enable them to say the blessing on Arba Minim.... Read more »

Baseball: Israel loses European Championship to Netherlands, wins silver

The Dutch take the gold, downing Israel 9-4 with a late-inning comeback. Source Link: Read more »

Are left-wing activists safe from Israeli security force violence? – analysis

In a democratic society, both Left and Right should be able to exercise their beliefs in a civic fashion, with security forces protecting their rights rather than favoring one group over the... Read more »

Israel’s Erlich and tennis’s old guard keep up with youth

Jonathan Erlich, Israel’s 44-years-old Davis Cup captain, is the oldest player in the US open that is full of up-and-coming youngsters. Source Link: Read more »

Mike Pence named No. 1 on 2021 list of Israel’s ‘Top Christian Allies’

The Israel Allies Foundation celebrated Christian pastors, politicians, organizational leaders and businessmen who love the Jewish state. Source Link: Read more »