Ceremony to honor Moroccan Jews who died in sinking of rescue ship

The Jewish Agency for Israel will be holding its annual Remembrance Day on Wednesday.This year there will be a special focus on the Egoz Ship sinking, which sunk in 1961 on a... Read more »

EU funds unapproved Palestinian school in Jordan Valley nature reserve

The Palestinian Authority built an unapproved school in the Hamam al Maliakh hot springs, reported Regavim, a right-wing organization dedicated to preserving Israel’s land and resources, on Sunday. The structure is located... Read more »

Israeli, Lebanese singer collaborate on Arabic version of Hebrew song

Israeli artist and former IDF captain of the Shayetet 13 unit Yair Levi recorded an Arabic version of his single “Refa Na” with Lebanese singer Carine Bassili.The song has garnered both positive... Read more »

22-year-old assaulted by 15 suspects due to sexual orientation – report

A 22-year-old was brutally attacked on Saturday by 15 individuals, because of his sexual orientation, police suspect, N12 reported Sunday. The incident took place outside a bar in Rishon Letzion. According to... Read more »

IDF v Mossad: National interest takes back seat for credit – analysis

Are the IDF and the Mossad fighting over control of Iran policy as well as who should take credit for certain covert and less-covert operations? If they are, does some of this... Read more »

Settler leader, Sudanese Ambassador meet after Israel boycott rescinded

Samaria Regional Council head Yossi Dagan met with a Sudanese official over the weekend, in a move signaling that the country’s fledgling normalized ties with Israel would also include the settlements. “We’re... Read more »

More than words: Why it matters Netanyahu and Bennett met in English

Not much has been revealed about the potentially fateful three-hour meeting of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Yamina head Naftali Bennett at the Prime Minister’s Residence last Thursday. Spokesmen for both Netanyahu and Bennett... Read more »

Paws and pandemic: The coronavirus impact on Israel’s animal abuse crisis

Last week, a woman found a three-month-old puppy near Ariel. Starving, dehydrated, in incredible pain and with hundreds of ticks all over its body, the dog was luckily spotted by the woman... Read more »

New in Israel: File your annual tax return online

The Israel Tax Authority has launched a system that will, for the first time, allow individuals to file their annual income-tax report online, it said Sunday. The new system eliminates the need to... Read more »

Talon raises $26m. in largest Israeli seed-funding round ever

Investment in Israel’s red-hot tech sector continues to turn heads. In what is believed to be the largest seed-funding round in Israeli history, Talon Cybersecurity, which makes cybersecurity solutions for the distributed... Read more »