Munich massacre: Israeli victims' families to boycott memorial

The boycott is due to long-standing disputes with German authorities over compensatory damages. The families have largely blamed Germany for its failure to protect the athletes. Source Link: Read more »

Israeli crime boss Yossi Mosley arrested in Ben-Gurion Airport

Mosley is suspected of the murder of Avihai Vaknin, who was killed in February 2017, and of the attempted murders of the criminals Itzik Cohen and Yankal’e Amsalem. Source Link: Read more »

Driving a car with uninsured driver's license in Israel?

Israel has a foundation for people who are hurt in accidents that is meant to ensure compensation for bodily harm when there is no insurance to supply it. Source Link: Read more »

Lapid gets briefed on preparedness for Israel's wildfire season

Several large fires broke out last year in the hills surrounding Jerusalem, the largest fire since the 2010 Carmel fire. Source Link: Read more »