Blackout Strikes Natanz Nuclear Facility in Iran

The power outage comes at a delicate time, with talks underway in Vienna to restore the 2015 nuclear deal. The Natanz nuclear facility in Iran mysteriously lost power on Sunday, Iranian officials... Read more »

Royal Rivalry Bares Social Tensions Behind Jordan’s Stable Veneer

The standoff between King Abdullah II and his half brother, Prince Hamzah, wasn’t just palace intrigue. It hinted at Saudi meddling and highlighted wider tensions within Jordan’s complex society. AMMAN, Jordan —... Read more »

In Haifa, Israel, Wild Boars Encroach on Human Turf

Groups of boars have become an unavoidable presence in Haifa. Some human residents are charmed, but others are annoyed or frightened and now carry sticks on walks. HAIFA, Israel — The wild... Read more »

Reversing Trump, Biden Restores Aid to Palestinians

The move will once again make the United States a leading donor to the United Nations agency that assists about 5.7 million Palestinians in the Middle East. #styln-signup { max-width: calc(100% –... Read more »

Jordan’s King Breaks Silence on Feud, Saying It Has ‘Ceased’

The government has accused King Abdullah II’s half brother, Prince Hamzah, of undermining national security, and arrested several of his associates. AMMAN, Jordan — King Abdullah II of Jordan broke his silence... Read more »

Israel-Iran Sea Skirmishes Escalate as Mine Damages Iranian Military Ship

The explosion came the same day as progress was reported in talks to revive the Iran nuclear deal, which Israel opposes. An Iranian military vessel stationed in the Red Sea was damaged... Read more »

As Jordan Seeks to Quell Royal Feud, Allies of Prince Remain in Detention

The country’s royal family said Prince Hamzah had now pledged his loyalty to King Abdullah II. The government banned news outlets and social media users from discussing the rare public show of... Read more »

Netanyahu Gets First Crack at Forming New Government in Israel

After a fourth inconclusive election in two years, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu still has no easy path back into office. But he has more of a chance than his opponents. JERUSALEM —... Read more »

He Led Hitler’s Secret Police in Austria. Then He Spied for the West.

Franz Josef Huber, responsible for deporting tens of thousands of Jews, escaped punishment with U.S. backing and went on to work for West German intelligence, newly disclosed records reveal. A top commander... Read more »

Jordan’s Ex-Crown Prince Vows to Defy Efforts to Silence Him

In a recording posted on Twitter, Prince Hamzah bin Hussein said that he would not rein in his criticism of the king, deepening a royal rift. The former crown prince of Jordan... Read more »