Marvel Attracts Criticism With Israeli “Captain America” Superhero

The studio has angered many Palestinians and their supporters by casting the actress Shira Haas to play Sabra, a mutant Mossad agent, in a “Captain America” movie.Source Link: Read more »

U.S. Charges 3 Iranians in Broad Hacking Scheme

The men, who remain at large in Iran, breached the computers of hundreds of people in the United States, Israel, Russia and Britain.Source Link: Read more »

Desert Winemaking ‘Sounds Absurd,’ but Israeli Vineyards in Negev Show the Way

As vintners around the world battle extreme heat and climate change, the pioneers producing wine in Israel’s arid south are testing ideas that might soon find global application.Source Link: Read more »

Israel Recalls Envoy to Morocco After Harassment Claims

Israel is investigating accusations against David Govrin over his conduct in Rabat, the Moroccan capital. The two countries sealed formal ties in 2020 as part of a wider regional realignment.Source Link: Read more »

In Shift, Israel Says Journalist Was ‘Most Likely’ Shot by Israeli Soldier

The Israeli Army has concluded that Shireen Abu Akleh, a Palestinian-American broadcaster, was probably killed by one of its own soldiers — but stopped short of accepting definitive blame.Source Link: Read more »

5 Palestinians, 2 Accused of Spying for Israel, Are Executed in Gaza, Officials Say

The Gaza Interior Ministry said that three of the executions were carried out by hanging and the other two by firing squad.Source Link: Read more »

Lessons Learned, Israel’s Unlikely Islamist Kingmaker Looks Ahead

Mansour Abbas, the first Arab politician to lead his party into an Israeli governing coalition, says the yearlong experiment was just a beginning.Source Link: Read more »

Social Media Star Moves From Israel to Dubai, a ‘Betrayal’ to Some Fans

Nuseir Yassin, a Palestinian citizen of Israel with nearly 60 million followers, has taken advantage of new diplomatic ties to move to the United Arab Emirates — angering many Palestinians.Source Link: Read more »

Palestinian Rights Groups Raided by Israeli Soldiers

The offices of seven groups were shuttered, months after Israel designated six of them as terrorist organizations. The groups said the moves were meant to silence criticism.Source Link: Read more »

Palestinian Leader Accused Israel of ‘50 Holocausts,’ Causing an Uproar

Facing international condemnation, the Palestinian Authority president, Mahmoud Abbas, later walked back the remarks he had made at a news conference in Berlin.Source Link: Read more »