In Israel’s Arab Communities, Gun Violence Surges

At least 155 Arab citizens have died this year in violence largely attributed to organized crime. Some say the government has not done enough to stop the killing. When the shots rang... Read more »

Foreign Minister Flees Libya Amid Uproar Over Israeli Meeting

The foreign minister, Najla el-Mangoush, fled to Turkey after reports emerged that she had met with her Israeli counterpart, sparking unrest in cities across Libya. The Libyan foreign minister has fled to... Read more »

U.S. Knew Saudis Were Killing African Migrants

The United States was told last year that Saudi security forces were shooting, shelling and abusing groups of migrants, but it chose not to raise the issue publicly. Last fall, American diplomats... Read more »

As West Bank Shootings Rise, Israel’s Government Vows to Retaliate

An apparently unarmed Palestinian man and an Israeli teacher were among the recent victims. Israel’s government has pledged to strike at Palestinian assailants. Israel’s far-right government pledged on Tuesday to strike at... Read more »

Palestinian Man’s Lawyers Say Israeli Police Marked Him With Star of David

Photos of Arwa Sheikh Ali’s cheek after his arrest showed wounds including triangular marks and lines. The police denied the accusations and said the shapes had been made by an officer’s shoelaces.... Read more »

White House Targets Key Democrats on Potential Saudi-Israel Pact

The White House needs to persuade two historic adversaries to find common ground. But then the administration faces a potentially more daunting challenge: getting 67 senators to go along with it. To... Read more »

Saudi Arabia Appoints Envoy to Palestinians Amid Push for Ties With Israel

The Saudi foreign ministry said its ambassador to Jordan would jointly serve as an envoy to the Palestinians. Saudi Arabia has appointed its first envoy to the Palestinian administration in the Israeli-occupied... Read more »

Sex Segregation in Israel Grows, Raising Fears for Women’s Rights

Ultra-Orthodox members of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s far-right coalition want to expand the powers of all-male rabbinical courts, and to bar women and men from mixing in many public arenas. The trains... Read more »

Prisoner Deal Could Smooth Effort to Contain Iran’s Nuclear Program

Iran and the United States appear to be observing an informal agreement under which Iran has limited its nuclear program and restrained proxy militias. The announcement of a prisoner exchange deal between... Read more »

U.S. Reaches Deal With Iran to Free Americans for Jailed Iranians and Funds

Five American detainees will eventually be allowed to leave Iran in exchange for Tehran gaining access to $6 billion for humanitarian purposes and the United States freeing several jailed Iranians. The United... Read more »