Blast Hits Palestinian Prime Minister’s Convoy in Gaza

An apparent assassination attempt left officials from the prime minister’s faction, Fatah, pointing fingers at Hamas, and Hamas blaming Israel.Source Link: Read more »

News Analysis: Netanyahu’s Bilingual U.S. Tour: Triumphal and Defensive

The Israeli leader trumpeted his achievements in English and played the victim in Hebrew, but the visit had an inescapable valedictory cast.Source Link: Read more »

New U.S. Embassy May Be in Jerusalem, but Not in Israel

Because of a quirk of political geography, the site of the provisional American embassy lies partly in disputed territory.Source Link: Read more »

Netanyahu, Visiting U.S., Is Stalked by Legal Troubles at Home

A third former aide turns state’s witness, diminishing hopes the Israeli prime minister may have held that his international role would overshadow the scandals at home.Source Link: Read more »

News Analysis: Netanyahu, Under Fire at Home, Seeks a Warm Embrace in U.S.

Facing bribery allegations in Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s meeting with President Trump may be a chance to show voters, contemplating a future without him, that he is indispensable.Source Link: Read more »

Benjamin Netanyahu Is Questioned in 3rd Corruption Case in Israel

The prime minister and his wife were interviewed by the police about graft allegations involving a telecommunications tycoon. Mr. Netanyahu has denied all wrongdoing.Source Link: Read more »

Prince William Will Go to Israel, in First Official Visit by a British Royal

Nearly 70 years after the British Mandate ended Prince William will make an official visit to the area, ending what many Israelis saw as a royal snub.Source Link: Read more »

A Quiet Jerusalem Neighborhood Gets a U.S. Embassy, and a Spotlight

The White House is accelerating plans to move diplomatic staff members to Jerusalem, with a small office to be set up in time for the 70th anniversary of the creation of the... Read more »

Trump Administration to Open Embassy in Jerusalem in May

President Trump said he resisted enormous pressure when he decided to recognize Jerusalem as the Israeli capital because “it’s the right thing to do.”Source Link: Read more »

Top Aide to Netanyahu Turns State Witness as Graft Cases Multiply

The aide, Shlomo Filber, could support the most damning charge of favors to an Israeli communications giant in exchange for fawning news coverage.Source Link: Read more »