Sara Netanyahu, Wife of Israeli Prime Minister, to Face Fraud Charges

The case, involving accusations of the misuse of some $100,000 in public funds, is one of four corruption investigations closing in on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.Source Link: Read more »

An Israeli Chef Looks to the Landscape

Erez Komarovsky influenced a generation of Israeli chefs by embracing local ingredients and dishes long belong it was in style.Source Link: Read more »

Shimon Peres, in Memoir, Takes on Israel Past and Future

A year after his death, the last of the founding generation of Israel’s leaders describes a life “entwined with the birth and construction of Israel.”Source Link: Read more »

Syria Says Israel Bombed a Military Base

The site was said by analysts to house a factory to produce precision missiles, chemical weapons and barrel bombs.Source Link: Read more »

New Arrests in Israel’s Submarine Scandal, and New Questions on Netanyahu

The arrest of another once-close associate of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu prompted questions about what he knew, or should have known.Source Link: Read more »

U.N. Peacekeepers in Lebanon Get Stronger Inspection Powers for Hezbollah Arms

The United States had complained that the force patrolling the Lebanon-Israel border was not preventing Hezbollah from amassing and hiding weapons.Source Link: Read more »

Iran Building Weapons Factories in Lebanon and Syria, Israel Says

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the U.N. chief that the sites will make “precision guided missiles” for Hezbollah to use against Israel.Source Link: Read more »

Netanyahu Is Uncharacteristically Subdued on Trump’s Remarks

No stranger to Facebook and YouTube, the Israeli prime minister has been reluctant to criticize the president’s defense of neo-Nazis and white supremacists.Source Link: Read more »

Israel’s Getting a New Wall, This One With a Twist

The military is building an underground barrier around the Gaza Strip, designed to cut off tunnels beneath the Israeli border and thwart Hamas.Source Link: Read more »

Iran Bans Two Soccer Stars for Playing Against Israelis

Masoud Shojaei, the national team captain, and Ehsan Haji Safi, a key member of Iran’s World Cup-bound team, played with their club team in Greece against an Israeli team.Source Link: Read more »