Ehud Olmert, Israeli Ex-Prime Minister, Granted Early Release from Prison

He will be freed on Sunday, after a parole board cut short his sentence for bribery, obstruction of justice, fraud and breach of trust.Source Link: Read more »

Israel Suspends Plan for Egalitarian Prayer Area at Western Wall

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu backed down on an agreement to create space for men and women to pray together and practice non-Orthodox rituals.Source Link: Read more »

50 Years After War, East Jerusalem Palestinians Confront a Life Divided

Palestinians are applying for Israeli passports and even studying the Israeli curriculum in schools. But they say it’s a survival tactic, not an acquiescence.Source Link: Read more »

Israeli Woman Who Sued El Al for Sexism Wins Landmark Ruling

An Israeli court ruled that moving female passengers at the behest of Orthodox men who object to sitting with them constituted illegal discrimination.Source Link: Read more »

Trilobites: Revealed in Israel, a 2,600-Year-Old Request for Wine

The Hebrew words on a piece of pottery first found in 1965 were detected using multispectral imaging technology.Source Link: Read more »

Israeli Dies as Palestinian Attackers Stage 3 Assaults in Jerusalem

The three assailants were shot and killed at the scene of the attacks, which ended a period of relative calm in the Old City.Source Link: Read more »

The Saturday Profile: A Best-Selling Israeli Philosopher Examines His Country’s Inner Conflict

In a provocative new book, Micah Goodman, 42, concludes that there is no possibility of any comprehensive final peace deal with the Palestinians.Source Link: Read more »

Memo From Israel: Divided by Victory, Israelis Still Grapple With Six-Day War

Israel’s capture of Jerusalem’s Old City in June 1967 changed the region. But the dilemma about its occupation of Palestinian areas remains unsolved.Source Link: Read more »

Gaza Dating Site Matches Widows to Men Seeking 2nd (or 3rd) Wife

Some 1,400 men have been killed in three wars with Israel since 2008, leaving many widows seeking husbands. The digital matchmaking service also wants to make it easier for the divorced to... Read more »

‘Last Secret’ of 1967 War: Israel’s Doomsday Plan for Nuclear Display

Israel was ready to detonate an atomic advice on a Sinai mountain as a warning if it looked as if it were losing, newly released interviews reveal.Source Link: Read more »