Preparations for Trump’s Visit Expose Political Rifts in Israel

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has met resistance within his cabinet over measures aimed at showing President Trump Israel’s willingness to resume peace talks with the Palestinians.Source Link: Read more »

Israeli Fires on Palestinian Protesters Near Ramallah, Killing One

The Israeli police said the settler acted in self-defense after a hostile crowd surrounded his car in a West Bank village near Nablus.Source Link: Read more »

As Trump Visit Nears, Israel Strains to Recognize Old Unquestioning Ally

When President Trump was elected, the Israeli prime minister said his country had “no greater friend,” but the relationship has since become much more complicated.Source Link: Read more »

Israel Said to Be Source of Secret Intelligence Trump Gave to Russians

Israeli officials would not confirm that they were the source of the information that Mr. Trump shared.Source Link: Read more »

As Trump Readies Visit to Israel, Small Issues Prove the Most Sensitive

The White House ran into static with Israel on Monday on a series issues ranging from the status of the Western Wall to President Trump’s promise to move the American Embassy.Source Link:... Read more »

Seeing ‘Oslo,’ Remembering Hope

For a former foreign correspondent, the play by J. T. Rogers conjures that vanished moment in 1993 when Israelis and Palestinians seemed on the road to peace.Source Link: Read more »

For Respected Israeli News Programs, an ‘Undignified’ End

A shake-up of the Israel Broadcasting Authority has been decades in the making, but the way it is unfolding appears chaotic and uncertain.Source Link: Read more »

Wife of Palestinian Hunger Striker Denies He’s Sneaking Food

Rejecting a video that Israel said showed the Palestinian leader Marwan Barghouti cheating on his hunger strike, Fadwa Barghouti said the protest was gaining momentum.Source Link: Read more »

Videos Show Palestinian Hunger Strike Leader Snacking, Israel Says

Palestinian leaders denounced videos that appear to show Marwan Barghouti, who organized the strike to demand better conditions in Israeli jails, eating cookies and candy in his cell.Source Link: Read more »

Mixed Messages From Trump Worry Pro-Israeli Hard-Liners

Some of the president’s supporters worry that the White House is listening too closely to Arab and Palestinian arguments and diluting support for Israel’s government.Source Link: Read more »