The Beirut Blast Shattered Her Masterpieces. Now, the Rebuilding Starts.

HAZMIYEH, Lebanon — Her hands created the gentle smile on the face of the Virgin Mary, the folds in the robes of the Four Evangelists and the glow surrounding the cherubic baby... Read more »

Israel and Lebanon Begin Talks on Sea Border, With U.S. as Mediator

BEIRUT, Lebanon — Lebanon and Israel kicked off their first negotiations in 30 years on nonsecurity issues, aiming to end a long-running dispute over their maritime border in the gas-rich Mediterranean Sea.... Read more »

For Trump, Defying Mideast Truisms Produced Breakthroughs and Backfires

JERUSALEM — He moved the American Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, breaking with those who said it would ignite the Muslim world. He withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal and ordered the... Read more »

‘Call Me a Dreamer.’ A Shattered Beirut Neighborhood Rebuilds

BEIRUT, Lebanon — After the August port explosion that disfigured much of Beirut, many compared the city to a phoenix that would rise again. “We are staying,” read some signs in the... Read more »

Warring Sides in Armenia and Azerbaijan Agree to Cease-Fire Talks

MOSCOW — Azerbaijan and Armenia opened talks on Friday for a limited cease-fire, after almost two weeks of fierce fighting over a disputed province, with the goal of achieving at least a... Read more »

Chevron’s Purchase Could Unlock Israel’s Natural Gas Bonanza

Chevron, the American oil giant, wrapped up the acquisition on Monday of a relatively small Houston-based company called Noble Energy, paying about $4 billion. Until recently, the deal would have been unlikely,... Read more »

A Low-Income Quarter Needs to Grow. A Prized Forest Could Pay the Price.

JERUSALEM — On a blistering afternoon in the hills west of Jerusalem, Israelis from all walks of life swam in spring-fed pools and picnicked in the shade of fig trees in a... Read more »

Saudi Prince Accuses Palestinian Leaders of Failing Palestinians

JERUSALEM — In a surprising televised monologue, a senior member of the Saudi royal family and former ambassador to Washington accused Palestinian leaders of betraying their people, signaling an erosion of Saudi... Read more »

Israel’s Coronavirus Lockdown Fuels Protests, Violence and Confusion

JERUSALEM — Fractured by internal political conflicts, confusing instructions and a lack of public trust in the government, Israel seems to be fraying further under a second national lockdown as the country struggles... Read more »

Bright Lights of Dubai Beckon Israel’s Arabs but Pose a Quandary

JERUSALEM — For Israel’s Arab citizens, the normalization deals that Israel struck with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain will mean newfound freedom to stroll through Dubai’s cavernous malls, take lucrative jobs... Read more »