Palestinian Gunman Kills 3 Israelis at West Bank Checkpoint

The assailant aroused the suspicion of Israeli border police officers and security guards at an ordinarily quiet crossing point, then opened fire.Source Link: Read more »

Israel Endorsed Kurdish Independence. Saladin Would Have Been Proud.

Present-day politics may have been less important than a long shared history between the Kurds and the Jews.Source Link: Read more »

The Saturday Profile: Expecting a Hero’s Welcome, Lebanese Director Was Accused of Treason

When Ziad Doueiri was detained at the airport in Beirut over having filmed in Israel, it provoked debates over law, politics and artistic freedom.Source Link: Read more »

News Analysis: Trump at U.N. Talks Up, But Does Not Press, Mideast Peace

President Trump will try to resolve the feud in the Persian Gulf, but not the one between the Israelis and Palestinians.Source Link: Read more »

Israeli Orthodox Lawmaker in Trouble Over Nephew’s Gay Wedding

The lawmaker said that he had attended the wedding, prompting calls for his resignation and a debate over whether family unity trumps strict Jewish law.Source Link: Read more »

Israeli Court Throws Out Draft Exemptions for Ultra-Orthodox

The efforts in recent years to broaden the obligation of military service have only underscored the country’s deep social divisionsSource Link: Read more »

Sara Netanyahu, Wife of Israeli Prime Minister, to Face Fraud Charges

The case, involving accusations of the misuse of some $100,000 in public funds, is one of four corruption investigations closing in on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.Source Link: Read more »

An Israeli Chef Looks to the Landscape

Erez Komarovsky influenced a generation of Israeli chefs by embracing local ingredients and dishes long belong it was in style.Source Link: Read more »

Shimon Peres, in Memoir, Takes on Israel Past and Future

A year after his death, the last of the founding generation of Israel’s leaders describes a life “entwined with the birth and construction of Israel.”Source Link: Read more »

Syria Says Israel Bombed a Military Base

The site was said by analysts to house a factory to produce precision missiles, chemical weapons and barrel bombs.Source Link: Read more »