COVID around the world: Israel to ban foreigners as other nations tighten restrictions on Britons

Global concern about the coronavirus pandemic is growing, with a number of countries detecting confirmed cases of the Omicron variant for the first time.Source Link: Read more »

Israeli soldier criticised for photographing Palestinian children in night raid on their home

A video has emerged showing an Israeli soldier lining up school-aged Palestinian children and photographing them in a night-time raid.Source Link: Read more »

Stars sign letter criticising Israel's move to label Palestinian charities as terror groups

More than 100 celebrities have signed an open letter criticising Israel’s decision to designate six prominent Palestinian charities as terrorist organisations.Source Link: Read more »

Israel to begin vaccinating 1.2 million children as young as five against coronavirus

Israel has announced that a campaign to vaccinate some 1.2 million children aged five to 11 will begin within days.Source Link: Read more »

Grandparents have 15 days to return six-year-old cable car crash survivor to Italy

An appeals court in Israel has ruled that a six-year old boy whose parents died in a cable car crash must be returned to his relatives in Italy within 15-days, upholding an... Read more »

US sanctions NSO Group, Israeli spyware company at centre of Pegasus Papers

The US is sanctioning an Israeli spyware company that it accused of supplying technology to foreign governments “to maliciously target government officials, journalists, businesspeople, activists, academics, and embassy workers”.Source Link: Read more »

Israeli minister criticises UN after being unable to enter COP26 in wheelchair

Israel’s energy minster has criticised the UN after she was unable to attend COP26 when the transport offered to her was not wheelchair accessible. Source Link: Read more »

Israeli minister unable to attend COP26 due to wheelchair inaccessibility

A top UK official has apologised after Israel’s energy minister was unable to attend the COP26 climate conference on Monday as the transport offered to her was not wheelchair accessible.Source Link: Read more »

Six-year-old sole survivor of cable car crash must return to Italy after 'abduction', court rules

A six-year-old boy who was the sole survivor of a cable car crash in Italy must be returned to relatives there, an Israeli court has ruled.Source Link: Read more »

Hamas warns Israel another war is inevitable unless it ends occupation of Palestine

Hamas has warned Israel that another war is inevitable unless its occupation of Palestine ends and the dire humanitarian crisis in Gaza is resolved.Source Link: Read more »