Hardline cleric wins landslide victory in Iran presidential election

Hardline cleric Ebrahim Raisi has won a landslide in Iran’s presidential election and his rivals have conceded defeat, according to state TV. Mr Raisi has taken an unassailable lead in the election,... Read more »

Iran election: All you need to know as nation chooses its next president

Iran is set to choose a new president in a contest that many expect to be won by a judge fiercely loyal to the religious establishment. Here is everything you need to... Read more »

Israel-Gaza violence: First flare-up since ceasefire is a reminder of its fragility

After twelve days of conflict and almost four weeks of ceasefire, the tit-for-tat exchanges in Gaza and Israel last night would appear worrying on the face of it. However, this is almost... Read more »

Airstrikes launched against Hamas after incendiary devices are sent into Israel

Israel has launched airstrikes in Gaza less than a month after a ceasefire agreement was reached. The move, also the first strikes under the new Israeli government, came after incendiary balloons were... Read more »

Novavax COVID jab 100% effective in protecting against moderate and severe disease, trial suggests

Novavax has said its COVID-19 vaccine is 100% effective in protecting against “moderate and severe disease” following its phase three trial results. The American biotechnology company said the trial had shown its... Read more »

Ousted Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu was 'Trump before Trump'

Benjamin Netanyahu, the ever-present figure in Israeli politics for three decades is down and out. “Bibi”, to give him his near-universal nickname, has been written off so many times, but now, the... Read more »

Israel set to vote in new government as Netanyahu vows return to power from opposition

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vowed to lead his Likud Party back to power on the day parliament was set to vote through the formation of a new coalition government. In... Read more »

US reduces COVID restrictions on travel for more than 110 countries – but not the UK

US travel restrictions for more than 110 countries have been eased – including Japan just ahead of the Olympics. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) new ratings include 61 nations... Read more »

Israeli police detain prominent Palestinian activist for several hours

A Palestinian protest leader was held by Israeli police for several hours after being arrested in the politically sensitive Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood of Jerusalem. The detention of Muna al-Kurd, who was later... Read more »

Israeli coalition has only one thing in common – its desire to dethrone Netanyahu

Did the Middle East’s only democracy prove last night that, however messy it may be, democracy prevails? Or will it prove, over the coming days, that it is the most dysfunctional of... Read more »