Trump ploy backfires as Israeli PM Netanyahu swerves invitation to criticise Biden

An attempt by Donald Trump to secure an election endorsement from the Israeli prime minister has backfired during a White House photo call. With reporters gathered in the Oval Office to mark... Read more »

Gal Gadot's Cleopatra film announcement sparks 'whitewashing' accusations

Gal Gadot’s new film about ancient Egyptian ruler Cleopatra is already facing criticism before filming is even under way, with accusations of “whitewashing” the role. The Israeli actress will star in the... Read more »

Palestinian kills three Israelis on West Bank

Four people, including the gunman, have died after a Palestinian man opened fire on Israeli security personnel at the entrance to a West Bank settlement.Source Link: Read more »

Israeli jets ‘hit Syrian chemical weapons base’

Israeli jets have reportedly targeted a suspected chemical weapons factory in western Syria.Source Link: Read more »

Al Jazeera attacks ‘undemocratic’ Israel

Al Jazeera has said Israel’s decision to close its Jerusalem bureau is “undemocratic” and has threatened legal action.Source Link: Read more »

Israel to shut down local Al-Jazeera operation

Israel plans to block Al-Jazeera broadcasts and close down its local bureau because it ‘supports terrorism’, the communications minister says.Source Link: Read more »

Israel ‘risks religious war’ over holy sites

Israel has been warned it risks sparking a “religious war” in its attempts to control highly sensitive religious sites in Jerusalem.Source Link: Read more »

Israel scraps controversial metal detectors

Israel will replace controversial metal detectors at the entrance to a holy site with less obtrusive surveillance.Source Link: Read more »

‘Jordanian dies in shooting at Israeli embassy’

A Jordanian man has been killed in a shooting at the Israeli embassy in Amman, according to security sources.Source Link: Read more »

Israel reviews security measures at holy sites

Israel has installed security cameras at a contested shrine in Jerusalem after the introduction of metal detectors sparked a violent backlash.Source Link: Read more »