British woman convicted over Cyprus gang rape claim 'happy' after lodging Supreme Court appeal

A British woman, who was convicted of lying about being gang-raped in Cyprus, is “happy” after lodging an appeal in the Cypriot Supreme Court. The then 19-year-old, from Derby, was given a... Read more »

Greece investigates plane crash that killed witness in Netanyahu corruption trial

Greek authorities are investigating a private plane crash that killed a witness in the corruption trial of former Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  Haim Geron, a former senior official at Israel’s ministry... Read more »

Egyptian president and Israeli PM have talks in first formal meeting between two countries in over a decade

The leaders of Egypt and Israel met on Monday, in the first formal meeting between the two countries in Egypt in over a decade. Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and President Abdel Fattah... Read more »

Italy investigates 'kidnap' of six-year-old boy who survived cable car crash

Italian authorities have launched an investigation after a boy who was the only survivor of a cable car crash was taken to Israel by his grandfather. Six-year-old Eitan Biran is at the... Read more »

Israel recaptures Palestinians who escaped max-security jail through cell floor

Four of six Palestinians who broke out of a maximum-security Israeli prison via a hole in their cell floor have been recaptured. Two of the fugitives were found in the town of... Read more »

Palestinian prisoners escape Israeli jail through 'tunnels from toilet floor'

Six Palestinian militants have broken out of one of Israel’s highest security prisons after apparently accessing tunnels from a toilet. The fugitives managed to escape the Gilboa prison, which is close to... Read more »

One-year-old twins conjoined at the head are separated after 12-hour surgery

One-year-old twin girls conjoined at the back of the head have been successfully separated by doctors in Israel. Medics at the Soroka Medical Centre in Be’er Sheva took 12 hours to carry... Read more »

Third vaccines aren't 'luxury boosters' taken from people without a first jab, WHO Europe boss says

Third coronavirus vaccines are not “luxury boosters” making vaccine inequity worse but a means of keeping the vulnerable safe, WHO’s Europe director has said. Hans Kluge appeared to contradict his World Health... Read more »

Robert F Kennedy's killer granted parole after two of RFK's sons say they support his release

Robert F. Kennedy’s killer, Sirhan Sirhan, has been granted parole after two of RFK’s son said they support his release. The New York senator and brother of President John F. Kennedy was... Read more »

Travel lists to be updated – find out which countries may go red

The UK’s travel lists are set to be updated later, with European countries considered mostly safe from being added to the red list. However, changes could be on the way for other... Read more »