Israel scraps controversial metal detectors

Israel will replace controversial metal detectors at the entrance to a holy site with less obtrusive surveillance.Source Link: Read more »

‘Jordanian dies in shooting at Israeli embassy’

A Jordanian man has been killed in a shooting at the Israeli embassy in Amman, according to security sources.Source Link: Read more »

Israel reviews security measures at holy sites

Israel has installed security cameras at a contested shrine in Jerusalem after the introduction of metal detectors sparked a violent backlash.Source Link: Read more »

Erdogan condemns Israel’s ‘excessive’ force

Turkey has condemned the “excessive” use of force by its regional ally Israel following deadly violence around a contentious Jerusalem holy site.Source Link: Read more »

Palestinian president freezes Israel contacts

The Palestinian president has suspended all contacts with Israel until metal detectors near the al Aqsa mosque are removed.Source Link: Read more »

Israel bans Muslim men under 50 from holy site

Israeli police have banned men under the age of 50 from entering Jerusalem’s Old City for Friday Muslim prayers as tensions continue to rise over the installation of metal detectors outside the... Read more »

Palestinians clash with Israeli forces at Al-Aqsa

A standoff between Israel and the Palestinians and the wider Arab Islamic world over the screening of Muslim worshippers with metal detectors outside the Al-Aqsa/Temple Mount compound in Jerusalem appears to be... Read more »

Israel reopens holy site after police killings

Israel has reopened a holy mosque compound after it was closed on Friday when two policemen were shot dead.Source Link: Read more »

Two Israeli officers killed in Jerusalem attack

Two Israeli police officers have been killed and another injured after three gunmen opened fire just outside the Old City of Jerusalem.Source Link: Read more »

Hamas and IS both say they killed policewoman

Both Islamic State and Hamas have said they were to blame for the killing of an Israeli policewoman in Jerusalem.Source Link: Read more »