Iran blames Israel for Natanz attack, vows to ‘take revenge on the Zionists’

Iran’s foreign minister on Monday blamed Israel for a power failure that reportedly caused massive damage to the Natanz nuclear facility, vowing to “take revenge on the Zionists” and to replace damaged... Read more »

Protests after Minnesota police shoot, kill Black man during traffic stop

BROOKLYN CENTER, Minnesota — The family of a 20-year-old Minnesota man told a crowd that he was shot by police Sunday before getting back into his car and driving away, then crashing... Read more »

Historic London pub to reopen six years after being bulldozed by Israeli company

A historic London pub that was illegally knocked down by an Israeli development company two days before it was set to be declared a heritage site will reopen Monday, six years after... Read more »

Israeli children’s doctors to issue call to vaccinate under 16’s

The Israeli Pediatric Association is planning to publish a call for parents and family doctors to vaccinate their children as soon as the Pfizer vaccine is approved for those under 16, Israel’s... Read more »

US prosecutors seek 5-year term for ex-leader of neo-Nazi group

ALEXANDRIA, Virginia  — US Federal prosecutors in Virginia are seeking a five-year prison sentence for a former neo-Nazi group leader who pleaded guilty to conspiring with other far-right extremists to threaten dozens... Read more »

The debate over Judaism and Zionism that roiled, then unified University of Iowa

JTA — When the University of Iowa student senate debated a bill to give special representation to Jews on campus, Nick Nachtman voted no. Other minority groups had been given their own seats... Read more »

Palestinian bystander, 14, loses eye from rubber bullet allegedly fired by IDF

A 14-year-old Palestinian bystander lost his eye on Friday afternoon in the West Bank city of Hebron after apparently being hit by a rubber-tipped steel bullet fired by an Israeli soldier, although... Read more »

Palestinian filmmaker wins BAFTA award for best short film

“The Present,” a Palestinian short film depicting a day in the life of a father and daughter in the West Bank, won a BAFTA award for Best British Short Film on Saturday.... Read more »

In acceptance speech, Israel Prize winner protests blocking professor’s award

A recipient of the prestigious Israel Prize, during an awards ceremony on Sunday, protested Education Minister Yoav Gallant’s move to withhold the prize from another nominee due to his political views. Israel’s... Read more »

After Saviz strike, Israel may be in dire straits trying to battle Iran at sea

In early March, after an Israel-owned ship was damaged by limpet mines in the Gulf of Oman, The Times of Israel wrote that “Israel could send its own message by targeting an Iranian... Read more »