Biden to send troops to eastern Europe amid Ukraine diplomacy push

US president says small number of troops to bolster the NATO presence in region as tensions remain high Source Link: Read more »

Trump facing legal, political headwinds as he eyes comeback

Former US president challenged by series of complex investigations that ensnare him, his family and associates Source Link: Read more »

Ex-CIA agent and creator of ‘The Americans’ says US and Russia aren’t that different

As Russian troops amass on the Ukrainian border, Joseph Weisberg, author of ‘Russia Upside Down,’ argues that a little empathy – and eased sanctions – could go a long way Source Link:... Read more »

Liviu Beris, Romanian Holocaust survivor who became a genetics pioneer, dies at 93

Beris tirelessly shared his personal story with younger generations and famously debated an antisemite on live TV Source Link: Read more »

Argentine official causes outrage suggesting Israel should investigate AMIA bombing

Israel was not a target of the 1994 Jewish center bombing that killed 85 people, and local Jewish community argues that Argentina should do more to bring perpetrators to justice Source Link:... Read more »

Health ministry believes Omicron wave has passed its peak

Health Minister warns that country could still see two more tough weeks; officials hope transmission rate will drop below next week1, potentially signaling end of outbreak Source Link: Read more »

Ex-Hasid comes out as trans while translating kids’ book on sexuality into Yiddish

Lili Rosen consulted and acted in productions such as ‘Unorthodox.’ She says that if she’d had access to a guide like ‘You Be You,’ she may have transitioned decades ago Source Link:... Read more »

Days after massive arms deal, US halts Egypt military aid over human rights concerns

State Department says Cairo had not met conditions to receive $130 million in foreign military financing; On Tuesday US had approved $2.5 billion sale of military planes and radars Source Link: Read more »

UK to honor Licoricia of Winchester, slain 13th-century Jewish moneylender to royals

City to put up statue by renowned British artist Ian Rank-Broadley to honor the famous Medieval businesswoman who was mysteriously murdered Source Link: Read more »

West Virginia governor tells Bette Midler to kiss his dog’s ‘heinie’ – and shows it

Singer drew an angry response for calling West Virginians ‘poor, illiterate and strung out’ after local Senator Joe Manchin refused to support Biden’s Build Back Better Act Source Link: Read more »