Find out where Trump and Biden stand on defense and security issues

Arms Control: U.S. President Donald Trump: The Trump administration has withdrawn the U.S. from the 2015 Iran nuclear deal and the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, and (almost) the 1992 Open Skies... Read more »

Democrats urge halt to security aid to Azerbaijan in Armenia conflict

WASHINGTON ― A growing number of Democrats in Congress are calling for the Trump administration to immediately suspend U.S. security aid to Azerbaijan, as fighting between Armenian and Azerbaijani forces reaches its... Read more »

Did Israel Breach its Own Policy When it Returned a Terrorist’s Body to Gaza?

This article was provided by TPS News Agency The Israeli government has apparently breached its own policy of not returning the bodies of terrorists to the Gaza Strip for burial and... Read more »

Special Report: Potable Water vs. Energy Resources – National Security Under Trump and Netanyahu

This article was written by Dr. Donald Schaefer. A longer, more in-depth version of this article is available at Perhaps few resources are more valuable to a nation than water and... Read more »

Report: Jordan asks Israel to release two detained Jordanians

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Is the Polish government using Israeli spyware against civilians?

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Dozens of Druze citizens try to leave Israeli territory and illegally enter Syria

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Former UK chief rabbi: Every Jew has a home in Israel

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Iran says Hezbollah’s attack on Israel’s army was a retaliatory move – IRNA

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LISTEN: How can use your phone’s camera for a digital urine test

6th in a series of 7 Israeli startup podcasts: developed a kit for home clinical analysis of urine that has 100,000 customers in UK, Netherlands and Israel Read more »