Hundreds of thousands protest judicial reforms in Israel

Judicial reforms backed by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are seeing a forceful blowback by protesters and political opponents in the streets of Israel.Source Link: Read more »

Israeli police kill gunman after Tel Aviv shooting injures 3

A gunman opened fire outside a cafe in the bustling streets of central Tel Aviv Thursday, wounding three people before being killed by police.Source Link: Read more »

Israeli protesters block roads in 'day of resistance' against judicial reforms

Demonstrators blocked roads in cities and towns across Israel on Thursday as part of a “day of resistance” protesting changes to the judicial system by the hardline coalition government.Source Link: Read more »

IDF says it struck Hamas unit after explosive detonated near Gaza border

The Israel Defense Forces said Wednesday it struck a Hama military post in Gaza after claiming the militants exploded a remote device near personnel near the Gaza border.Source Link: Read more »

Israeli army raid kills 6 Palestinians in West Bank refugee camp

The death toll in the West Bank has again increased as an Israeli military raid of a Palestinian refugee camp in Jenin Tuesday resulted in the deaths of six Palestinians.Source Link: Read more »

As Israel confronts West Bank unrest, its judicial reform plan spurs economic worries

The violence between Israelis and Palestinians has reached new heights in the eyes of the global community and the conflict is now creating economic concerns.Source Link: Read more »

Israel is facing twin existential crises with judiciary 'reform,' Palestinian conflict

Israel is facing one of the most serious crises in its history. It could be the biggest test yet for Benjamin Netanyahu, just months after he resurrected his political career by returning... Read more »

West Bank unrest claims life of American citizen after Palestinian gunman opens fire near Jericho

A U.S.-Israel dual citizen is dead after a shooting in the West Bank on Monday.Source Link: Read more »

Israeli brothers killed in West Bank shooting as settlers rampage

An Israel soldier and his younger brother were killed Sunday evening when a man opened fire in the occupied West Bank, sparking Israeli settlers to unleash retaliatory attacks against Palestinians.Source Link: Read more »

IDF says it struck Hamas sites in response to missile fire from Gaza

The Israel Defense Forces said on Thursday that its fighter jets struck multiple Palestinian targets after claiming the militant group Hamas fired several rockets into Israel.Source Link: Read more »