Commerce chiefs threaten to open stores unless ‘full-blown lockdown’ imposed

Commerse organizations have issued an ultimatum to the government, demanding that either a full-blown nationwide lockdown be imposed by tomorrow, or they will open stores, restaurants and shopping malls next week.

In a press conference, representatives of the business owners decry the fact that they are forced to close down while schools and workplaces remain open and people are in practice free to go outside, meaning they are suffering financial losses for no reason while infections are going up anyway.

The ultimatum includes a demand to completely close all schools and nonessential workplaces, while limiting food and drugstores to only being open until 7 p.m.

“The government doesn’t have the guts to do what the nation needs — they have no guts for a full-blown lockdown,” a representative says. “The education system is causing infections, people are returning from abroad and not quarantining — and only commerce is closed. In all lockdowns, only commerce is closed.

“Admit you failed, and impose a full-blown lockdown like during Yom Kippur, not a fake lockdown.”

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