Corona spread: Noam party cancels all conventions

The chairman of the Noam party, MK Avi Maoz (Religious Zionism), has announced that he is canceling all conventions planned for the party in the near future, and the party will move to work remotely.
A statement sent to functionaries and supporters read: “Following the corona wave raging over the people of Israel these days, and following the helplessness and lack of courage to make decisions &#111n behalf of the government we are forced to act independently and take responsibility. I ask the public to independently adopt the guidelines set out by the previous government for the corona. “
“Noam’s party is now canceling all gathterings that were planned for the coming weeks. We ask the public to take personal responsibility and adopt the decisions of the previous government regarding the restrictions &#111n gatherings, wearing masks and keeping distance and thus fill the void created as a result of the serious malfunctioning of this government,” they wrote.

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