Daily Briefing May 3 – Ripple effects of disaster: Meron beyond its victims

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Today’s panel comprises health reporter Nathan Jeffay and Palestinian affairs correspondent Aaron Boxerman, along with host Amanda Borschel-Dan.

Since Friday’s early morning disaster which left 45 dead and over 100 wounded, Jeffay has visited the site of Mount Meron, hospitals in the area and the United Hatzalah offices there. He recently spoke with Avi Marcus, Hatzalah’s chief paramedic, and describes the ripples of trauma felt by the first responders.

Jeffay has a long personal history with the holy site, which is the second-most-visited Jewish holy site in the country. He describes its significance.

Condolences were sent to Israeli President Reuven Rivlin by leaders of nations around the world, including Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, who wrote Rivlin a letter. Why a letter? Perhaps because a day earlier, the PA leader effectively canceled the first Palestinian Authority elections in 15 years — by staunchly blaming Israel.

Ramadan is in full swing and the coronavirus pandemic is on the rise in the PA and the Gaza Strip. Jeffay explains why this and the recent mass outbreak in India are causes for concern.

Discussed articles include:

‘Broken’: Meron tragedy reduced Israel’s toughest rescuers to tears, trauma

Palestinian leader Abbas, Jordan’s king, Gulf allies send condolences over Meron

Abbas delays first Palestinian elections in 15 years, blaming Israel

Hamas slams Abbas’s decision to delay Palestinian vote as a ‘coup’

The only real herd immunity is global: Why India’s COVID crisis threatens us all

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