Defense contractor Rafael sets up consortium to tackle industrial hacks

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd., one of Israel’s largest defense companies and part of the nation’s national Cyber Emergency Response Team (CERT), is setting up a consortium with other Israeli cybersecurity firms to help industries and infrastructure services foil hacking attacks.

The announcement of the Israeli Operational Technologies Cyber Consortium, set up in cooperation with the Israel National Cyber Directorate, was made at the GISEC Global 2021 Cyber Security Expo in Dubai that is taking place through June 2.

The new consortium will provide cyber operational technology solutions to address the needs of large-scale organizations and critical national services and infrastructures, with a focus on providing defense against malicious activities by state actors, as well as by independent rogue hackers, and to protect assets such as transportation, oil and gas, manufacturing, water and sewage and energy infrastructure, Rafael said in a statement. Operational technology (OT) is a combination of hardware and software that monitors and detects changes in the operation of industrial equipment and processes.

The new cyber consortium will consist of Rafael, Israel Electric Corp., Petroleum & Energy Infrastructures Ltd. (Tashan), Waterfall Security, Trapx Security, MobileGroup, Radiflow, CyberPro, XMCyber, Cervello, and Cynerio.

Combining the cyber-OT solutions developed by these Israeli firms, both large and small, will allow the consortium to offer a “comprehensive and integrated battle-proven” solution, Rafael said in a statement.

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