Egyptian energy minister visits Leviathan rig

Egypt’s energy minister, Tarek al-Mullah, paid a visit this morning to the Leviathan natural gas rig, located ten kilometers west of the Carmel coast.

Delek Drilling’s CEO, Yossi Abu, this morning led the visit of the Egyptian Minister of Energy and the Israeli Minister of Energy, Dr. Yuval Steinitz, to the Leviathan rig. They were also accompanied by the Egyptian ambassador to Israel and representatives of Chevron, which operates the rig.

“The visit of my friend the Egyptian Minister of Energy to the rig is the convincing proof that sometimes dreams come true. The vision he led, together with President al-Sisi, comes true here every day. For me, the visit is an exciting coming to full circle, as after years of hard work with our partners and friends in Egypt, and dozens of our visits to Egypt, we are privileged to host the Minister of Energy in the State of Israel and on the rig. Together we clean the eastern Mediterranean of coal and oil, and create a historic cooperation that was once impossible,” said Yossi Abu.

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