Escaped orangutan causes stir at Ramat Gan zoo

An escaped orangutan caused some commotion at Ramat Gan’s Safari Park Saturday, before getting shot with a tranquilizer and taken back to her enclosure.

Tana, a 12-year-old ape, escaped from the enclosure and climbed onto a tall tree near the staff compound. After refusing attempts to coax her down with food, Tana was hit with a tranquilizer dart with a low dosage of a sedative and taken down.

The safari said Tana used foliage added to the enclosure during the week to escape.

“Carers and vets worked professionally and gently and ensured at all times that her condition was good,” officials said, adding that “it’s important to note the location is not close to visitor areas and there was no danger.”

The enclosure is a new one, built after a rocket hit the previous facility during May’s 11-day conflict with the Gaza Strip.

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