Far-right settler youth clash with border police at West Bank outpost

Border Police clashed with extremist settler “hill top” youths near a West Bank settlement late Tuesday, with two people reportedly lightly hurt.

Border Police said that they were attempting to stop several youths going to a hilltop near the Kumi Ori outpost, which has been declared a closed military area following several violent clashes at the site.

Police said one of the youths started to attack them so they were forced to physically remove him. Several other youths then surrounded the officers leading to one officer to throw a stun grenade.

Police said the officer feared for his life.

However, settlers said the incident started when the officers threw the one youth to the floor and pressed a rifle to his chest.

Settlers said at least two of the youths needed medical treatment.

Kumi Ori, one of a number of outposts outside the Yitzhar settlement, has been the scene of frequent clashes between police and the settlers.

The closed military zone was put in place in Kumi Ori two years ago following a string of violent attacks on Palestinians and security forces perpetrated by a number of young settlers from the area.

Source Link: https://www.timesofisrael.com/far-right-settler-youth-clash-with-border-police-at-west-bank-outpost/

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